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Woman Claims Her Dead Brother Is Haunting Her, Catches It On Camera





Burnley, Lancashire — Donna Ayres, a 33-year old mother of four, claimed that she was able to capture a real paranormal activity on her camera phone. She also suspects that the entity is her deceased brother Paul. The siblings had a very troubled relationship when Paul was still alive and when he passed away, Donna started experiencing strange things inside her house.

At first, she’d hear loud bangs during the night and see scratches appear on the walls. There had been an instance wherein the ghost pinned her down on her bed and she’d wake up in the morning with unexplained bruises on her body. Since the ghost or ghosts cause physical disturbances, the Sefton Paranormal Investigators think that she’s dealing with a poltergeist.

Donna tried to move into a different house just to be able to escape the haunting. In fact, she and her family have been in to five different locations already, but the ghost seems to follow her wherever she goes. Fortunately, her family has never been harmed by the ghost. People doubted her and her story so she began trying to film the ghostly activities in her house.

Watch the video:

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What can you say about Donna’s story? Do you think that those strange activities are actually done by a ghost? Tell us what you think.

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