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White Glamour Model Spends $67K On Cosmetic Surgery To Become Black





Beauty comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes but sometimes, the color of the skin defines the standards of beauty for some people. Those who have dark complexion may feel that they need to go lighter to be appreciated. Those who have white skin may want to have a darker-colored complexion as they consider it beautiful. One German model decided to go for the latter that she spent almost $70,000 to achieve it.

Martina Big spent a total of around $67,000 in cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts, which is now US Size 70, and color her skin dark with tanning injections so she can identify as a black woman.

Martina Big, a white glamour model, is now a “proud owner of black skin.”

She professed that she is black and that is her race.

She once dreamed of becoming like a human barbie or her idol, Pamela Anderson.

She spent thousands and thousands of dollars to achieve the look she wanted.

From this glamour babe …

To this!

Appearing on the talk show, Maury Show, Big told the audience that black is her race and that she can’t wait to travel to Africa where she believes food is awesome. On why she did, Big said that being black makes her feel better.

The former air hostess’ love for the dark complexion also inspired her husband, Michael, to get tanned skin.

Michael believes his wife has become more and more beautiful.

So if you’re thinking that what Big is doing is offensive, think again because it’s not -according to her – and offending people is not what she wants to do.

“I know some feel attacked but it’s not my intention.I do it for myself and only talk to people who want to talk with me about this.”

The dark color is expected to fade out soon but Martina said it’s not a problem. She’ll simply get more.

Watch Martina Big talk about her decision to change her skin color and how the audience reacted in the video below.

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