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When I Heard What He Thinks of His Mother, I Nearly Broke Down!





If there’s one die-hard fan each and every one of us could have, that would probably be no other than our mother. Sure anyone can be a sibling, a cousin or an aunt but we only get to have one mom. Sadly, although they play a very important role to our lives, believe it not, it is not very often that they get to receive a noble prize award for simply bearing us into this world.

Good thing an advertising agency launched a Mother’s Day treat with the goal of collating perceptions on mothers. With a handful of key respondents, Emilio was one of the privileged to voice out his personal thoughts for his beloved mother. And quite frankly, what he said just might be the perfect message any well-loved son could share to his own mother. The biggest twist was later on revealed when his mother suddenly stepped out of a room nearby. Apparently, everything recorded in the footage, was just a screen apart between them.

Watch the video:

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Admit it or not, with the fast-phased evolution busying our worlds, we seldom neglect our mothers and forget to say even a simple thank you. We tend to forget that it is only with their unconditional love that we get to enjoy everything that life has to offer yet still acquire more than half of whatever is left of them.

This nearing Mother’s Day, don’t let the occasion sleep over. Make it a habit to acknowledge your mother’s presence and doings. After all, a simple “I love you, Mom” deserves to be shared every single day, right?

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