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Kid Eats Skunk Spray-Flavored Jelly Bean! You Can Guess What Happens Next.





Appealing to people’s sense of adventure and willingness to look utterly bamboozled, Jelly Belly has come out with its Bean Boozled line. Inside a box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled, there are several pairs of jelly beans that look alike. However they taste completely different — one tastes great and one tastes terrible.

For instance, two black jelly beans could could come in licorice and skunk spray flavors. It’s up to you if you want to take a chance and bite into the jelly beans to see which is which.

Here are both the great and truly awful flavors you’re bound to taste.


Photo credit: Jelly Belly

A box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled jelly beans is supposed to be shared for a fun jelly bean-tasting session with hilarious results expected. People are encouraged to shoot videos of themselves when they do the Bean Boozled Challenge. Jelly Belly has even featured a Bean Boozled Challenge spinner on its website along with video clips sent by fans.

People have taken the tasting challenge.


Photo credit: Jelly Belly

One particular Bean Boozled Challenge video, in particular, has gone viral. It features a little boy who was all too excited to bite into the jelly beans. He takes the challenge with a young lady, who could be his sister. Anyway, they each take one black jelly bean.

The kid starts out very excited.


Photo credit: LiveLeak (screengrab)

Unfortunately for the kid, he got the skunk spray-flavored jelly bean. He laughs it off at first as he spits it out of his mouth…but then nausea proved to be an unstoppable force.

Warning: Don’t watch this when you’re eating.

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A lot of people felt sorry for the boy. However, they could not help but laugh over what happened to him, too. Some people even said his barfing incident reminded them of the scene in The Exorcist, when the possessed girl vomits like it’s the end of the world before her head spins around.

All we can say is this: We hope you feel better, kid.

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