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21 Things Whose Size Came As A Complete Shock





When we think about a certain item, we usually have a specific size in mind. Most animals are smaller than humans, a hard drive is a small and compact data storage device, and so on.

However, not everything we know is consistent. There are actually things that are either way too big or too small than we expect them to be. Here are 21 things whose size came as a total surprise.

1. This saltwater crocodile is ginormous!

2. An anaconda is not your ordinary snake.

3. The average-sized baby probably thought he/she was so little, not knowing that the baby beside him/her is the biggest baby in the world.

4. Barbie vs. realistic Barbie.

5. Human skeleton vs. gorilla skeleton. Very similar, but not quite the same in size.

6. A Lion’s Mane jellyfish looks more like a Tiki Hut.

8. The world’s oldest living wombat — and probably one of the biggest (and fluffiest).

9. A one-month-old kitten is just an inch taller than a soda can.

10. A blue whale makes a big ship look like a tiny boat.

11. A newborn kitten’s head vs. a bottle cap.

12. The size difference between $10,000 in ones and in hundreds.

13. An elephant seal vs. a human. It almost looked like a giant sculpture.

14. A six-day-old mouse makes this coin look gigantic.

15. A prop for a close-up shot of the ring in “Lord of the Rings” movies.

16. Bear claws vs. a human hand.

17. That’s one huge door. But where’s the doorknob?

18. The size of this California Condor is breathtaking.

19. A 10MB hard drive from the 1960s is bigger than a stirring wheel.

20. This giant leatherback sea turtle could pass as a realistic-looking sand sculpture.

21. Escargot, anyone?

We often see things on the internet whose size we never even think about. And it’s only when we see them compared to something common that things really get put into perspective.

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