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Terrifying Demon Child Prank Scares The Crap Out Of Unsuspecting Strangers





You have probably seen countless of pranks on the Internet– most of them are hilarious ones enough to make your day and can make you laugh big time, including a series of good pranks from your favorite reality TV shows.

Meanwhile, this prank will definitely make you think twice of sleeping alone tonight. This creepy video uploaded by Italian YouTube channel DM Pranks Productions looks like every scene straight out from the horror flicks you would rather prefer watching with your friends around or not at all.

Imagine, walking passed a crying girl on your way home, checking if she’s okay and when she turns around, you thought about the creepy- looking girl from  the horror movies like ‘The Ring.’ You’ll most likely run for your life just like what these prank victims in the video did. I’ll freaked out too if this happens to me. This is enough to scare you out of your wits so be sure to have some company before checking the video.

Watch the terrifying video below:

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Credits: DMPranksProductions

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