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12 Epic “Horror” Stories of Valentine’s Day Fails

Let’s just say that the odds were not in their favor.






There are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You may choose to be the romantic type and go for candle-lit dinners aboard a yacht or be the funny type and troll your partner instead just like how some couples did. There are times however, that no matter how much you do your best to plan for the best V-Day ever, you keep encountering problems and things just don’t fall in the right places.

The end result? A Valentine’s Day “horror” story that you can reminisce and laugh about for the next few years. Talk about epic fails indeed! Well, these 12 stories will remind us that sometimes, the best-laid plans of mice and men go oft astray.

Read on.

1. Yep, it wasn't a big deal.

“My boyfriend at the time had made reservations for lunch at a nice restaurant but never came to pick me up. Two hours later he calls me to let me know he simply got distracted trying to memorize song lyrics and that it wasn’t a big deal because he had a back up plan. We saw Avatar for the 4th time.” – amandalea71

2. Help Mother Earth. Recycle.

Source: Grace Eire

“I got a stuffed dog and a sweet, heartfelt declaration of undying love…that was written for the guy that she had just broken up with to be with me. She just figured screw it, it’s already written and sealed. She even scratched his name off the envelope and wrote mine. We didn’t last long.” – bowyer-betty

3. The mystery sender

“I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time but I received a big box of chocolate strawberries. They’re actually my favorite! But it came with no note. So I spent ALL day trying to think who would send me strawberries. My ex from a few months ago? The guy I went on a few dates with but fizzled out? A secret admirer? And I didn’t exactly want to call any of these people up and ask. Ah, the suspense!

“Turns out my Aunt had sent a box to all of her nieces. Best ‘worst’ gift ever!” – tomorrowme

4. It's the thought that counts.

“My boyfriend of about a year and a half at the time never believed in Valentine’s Day and I was his first real girlfriend. So I didn’t expect anything, but then he told me to leave my college house for a while so he could set something up for me. I was shocked and excited and thought he would set up candles and food or something, especially since he said: ‘give me an hour or so.’

“When I got back he had the door shut to my room and a huge grin on his face. But I walked in and didn’t see anything…

“He said ‘look, over there.’

“He got me mini candles (unlit) and a simple lotion and put them on my desk.

“I’m a firm believer in the fact that it’s the thought that counts, but I was very confused as to why he made me leave for so long to ‘set it up.’ Even my roommates laughed at me when he left.” – Nicole

5. He must've hit snooze.

“It was my first ever Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend. I bought him his favorite candy, my best friend helped me curl my hair, I put on a cute dress, and then I spent the whole night staring at my phone waiting for him to respond to my many texts asking when he was coming to pick me up. I finally got a response after 9:00 p.m. telling me he fell asleep.” – Jess

6. So, that's why it was on sale.

Source: Pinterest

“A few years ago I was dating not the smartest guy ever and he was terrible at gifts anyways, but one year it was bad. I got a big bear he bought at a drug store that had the previous year on the tummy, and he wrote in the right year. He said he didn’t realize when he bought and he was wondering why it was so cheap.” – rememberthisusername

7. The Valentine Ghost

Source: @Jag_cz's

“She never showed up. We were supposed to meet at the restaurant and she just flaked. Never heard from her, she didn’t answer the phone, etc. so I went to a bar and drank whiskey.” – hippopots

8. Young love

Source: Pinterest

“When I was 11, I gave a girl I had a crush on a rose — I waited for her outside of class, gave it to her. She smiled, said thank you, and then walked away a few feet before throwing it in the garbage (in her defense, I was a funny-looking 11-year-old).” – Mo


“I kept the whole [dinner] date secret from my GF. She thought I wasn’t gonna do anything. And broke up with me.” – Dave_Kun

10. Talk about generic.

Source: Houzz

“[I got] a coffee mug as a gift. Ouch.” – vanlego

11. A bad case of mistaken identity.

Source: Pixabay

“In sixth grade I had a crush on a girl and I wanted to send her a rose but, I didn’t want her to [recognize my handwriting] so I paid one of my friends [to do it]. He went to the desk set up at lunch and turned in the card.

“Everyone at my lunch table (I should have mentioned this took place during lunch) watched as one of the teachers delivered the card to Lauren. We continued to watch as she smiled and giggled with her friends, she then jumped up and ran to the desk where they were selling the card/roses wrote some stuff down and then ran back to her table.

“A few moments later, the teacher got up and walked over to my table, she gave a card to my friend, (that I paid to write the note). It was from Lauren, she had recognized his handwriting and wanted to go on a date.

“He got up and went to her table and accepted the offer.” – ostfan815

12. "Pizza is hot, and so are you."

“In middle school, I had a really close friend named Chad. I sincerely thought we both saw each other as very good friends, but on February 14, I received a carnation with a card that read ‘roses are red, violets are blue, pizza is hot, and so are you.’

“I was mortified and didn’t know how to handle the situation at all. I must have turned as red as the flower, and I had to tell him I didn’t feel the same way at lunch that day. I felt terrible!” – Grace

So if you’re plotting something for Valentine’s Day, you might want to go over that plan again and make sure that everything will run smoothly.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day “horror” stories to share? Post it in the comments section below!

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