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Your Solar Panels Will Soon Be Powered by Rain!

Renewable powered electricity, rain or shine…

Dondi Tiples





With the call for renewable energy growing at a steady rate, it makes sense for people to start abandoning traditional fossil fuels for greener and cleaner power sources like the wind turbines and the solar panels to cut down on their carbon footprint.

Solar panels, in particular are enjoying much popularity these days, with more and more consumers turning to solar cells to harness the power of the sun.

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But what do you do for electricity when cloudy days and rainy weather come, rendering solar panels virtually useless?

Why, harness rain drops to power your panels, of course!


Scientists are currently working on a way to harness the energy of raindrops using a simple chemical reaction and graphene.

solar 2

Source: Alamy

Since rainwater isn’t pure, and contains several kinds of salt, scientists from the Ocean University of China in Qingdao have been experimenting with ways to split the salt content of raindrops into positive and negative ions from the sodium, calcium and ammonium found in rain.

Using a new kind of solar panel called graphene, scientists were able to generate hundreds of microvolts from chemical reactions alone, and converted these microvolts into electricity.

The experiments included using thin and inexpensive dye-sensitised solar cells with a single layer of graphene added. The new solar cells were then appended to a transparent indium tin oxide and plastic backing.

When the double layer of graphene and indium tin oxide plastic backing comes into contact with raindrops, the positively charged ions bind with the material to produce enough power for as much as a 6.53 percent conversion to electricity.

solar 3

The experiments are still in its infant stages, and there is much more improvement to be done with what scientists refer to as their new pseudocapacitor material.

However, all-weather solar cells are much closer to realization than we previously think, and people will soon be able to enjoy electric power from their graphene-based solar panels despite inclement weather.

H/T: Tech Insider

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British YouTuber Builds First Real, Floating Hoverbike From His Garage

Unlike commercially-sold hoverboards, this homemade hoverbike really hovers!

Mark Andrew



The name Colin Furze may ring a bell for those who frequently check out our site. If you can remember, we featured this YouTube madman a few months back because of his awesome post-apocalyptic bunker. Located underground, the bunker had a party area, a flat screen TV, some gaming consoles, a drum kit, and several weapons. Needless to say, it was the ultimate man cave.

Now Colin is back with a crazy new invention – a real, floating hoverbike.

British YouTuber Colin Furze just made a floating hoverbike from his garage.

colin furze hoverbike 1

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Farmer Makes Horrific Discovery After Rescuing A Looter Who Fell Into A Cave

None of the remains found belonged to children from the area.




In 2006, a Belizean farmer in Cayo District heard screams coming from a looter, who was out to hunt for artifacts into this cave.

Apparently, the looter fell off from the rope he was holding on to and the farmer rushed to his help.

There were different versions of the stories mentioned above, but one thing was certain – the looter was rescued by a farmer, who then discovered that within that cave are thousands of smashed up human bones.

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This Unexplainable Underwater Discovery Might Be A Solid Proof of UFOs

Wait, is that the Millennium Falcon or something?

Mark Andrew



The ocean, as they say, is full of wonder and mystery.

This has once again been proven true with the discovery of the so-called Baltic Sea Anomaly.

Discovered on June 2011 by “Ocean X,” a team of Swedish divers, the Baltic Sea Anomaly is a circular rock-like formation found on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea at the center of the Bothnian Sea. According to the group, they were looking for an old shipwreck but were instead astonished with what they found.

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