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This Guy is Smooth AF! He Picks Up Girls Without Being Too Creepy

His lines are super effective!


To guys out there, you gotta learn the moves from this smooth talker.

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In a video uploaded on Youtube, this random guy named Juan approaches girls he just met while walking around and talks to them. In the process, he flirts and tries to get their numbers. What do you think would be the girls’ reaction? Laugh at him? Slap him on the face? Ignore him? Call the police?

Interested to know the answer to that question? Well then, watch this video below to find out:

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His lines are super effective! Who knew a simple “I like you” followed by praises could get us the girls we want? Now that’s one smooth talker you got there. Even the random guys walking around the vicinity of his subjects were left in awe. The girls didn’t stand a chance against his seductive charm, oozing confidence, and his arsenal of pretty words and praises!


People Pay to be Tortured in this Extreme Haunted House in California

A trip to the McKamey Manor is like living a nightmare.


Are you willing to pay for a bad time?

Apparently, that's the question you need to ask yourself before embarking on a journey inside the McKamey Manor. Located in San Diego, California, this haunted house is not your typical horror house. Instead of the ghouls and ghosts lurking in the shadows and the corners, actors here will gag, bind, and terrorize you for hours on end. Not only that, they can even touch you and lock you up against your will.

When the makers of McKamey Manor built the haunted house, they meant business.

When the makers of McKamey Mansion built the haunted house, the meant business.

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Singaporean Pokemon Go players Get Trolled by Fake Snorlax Sighting

I bet the players were wondering why they couldn’t find the Snorlax!


Just a few days ago, we heard about the massive stampede caused by a Snorlax sighting in Taiwan. People flocked to the supposed spawning location like ants flocking towards honey. In fact, the huge wave of Pokemon Go players rushing towards the Snorlax even looked like a zombie apocalypse!

Meanwhile, in Singapore, one town square in Hougang is a popular hang-out spot for avid players. On a rather busy night in Hougang, one netizen decided to troll all the Pokemon Go players by shouting that a Snorlax is lurking nearby.

Watch how the players reacted in the video below:

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Taiwanese Pokemon Go Players Went Crazy and Caused a Stampede After a Snorlax Appeared

Because you gotta catch ’em all!


Ever since the augmented reality game Pokemon Go was released, the whole world has been in a Pokemon-collecting frenzy. People flock to the streets to catch and hatch the virtual critters, and it's not even unusual to see people stopping in the middle of the street or in the malls just to catch Pokemon.

With the pesky Pidgey pestilence, repetitive Rattata sightings, and zippy Zubats everywhere, everyone seems to want to catch the rare ones. This is precisely the reason why when a Snorlax reportedly spawned somewhere in the streets of Taiwan, hordes of excited players rushed to its supposed location to catch it.

It was a rather amazing and unbelievable sight really - all the people in the streets suddenly rushing to one location. It's like a zombie apocalypse. Watch the short clip below:

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