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Scientists Uncover a Baffling Mystery About The Easter Island Heads





In 2012, the world was surprised to discover that the famous ancient carved stone heads in Easter Island actually have bodies.

Although scientists were aware of this since the earliest excavations in 1914, people only became aware of the bodies when photos of the excavation projects led by Jo Anne Van Tilburg, director of the Easter Island Statue Project, went viral online. Local Rapa Nui people helped the team excavate the monoliths.

easter island tattoos3

Photo credit: Mirror UK

“Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of visitors to the island have been astonished to see that, indeed, Easter Island statues have bodies!” Tilburg said.

In Van Tilburg’s team’s latest discovery, it was found that the hidden torsos of the mysterious monoliths called Moai have intricate tattoos on them. The crescent symbols carved at the back of the towering statues seem to represent the canoes of the Polynesians who built them.

easter island tattoos2

Photo credit: Mirror UK

It is believed that the Polynesian population went to the islands in canoes. Once they arrived at the remote island, they started carving the stone statues.

Measuring 10 meters high and weighing more than 80 tonnes each, the Easter Island statues were built from volcanic rocks some time between AD 100 and 1800. Because of erosion, the once-exposed bodies of the statues became hidden under the ground.

easter island tattoos4

Photo credit: Mirror UK

The beautifully decorated statues are believed to represent tribal figures or ancestors.

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