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Nobody Wants to Use the Stairs. After its Cool Transformation, Everyone Loves it!





People always tend to choose what’s more convenient and easy. Whether it be cooking versus eating out, or manual counting versus using the calculator, people want the easiest way to do it. The same goes for using the stairs versus the escalator. Modern technology has enabled people to do things without having to break a sweat, but sometimes, we also need to be reminded of the simple ways of living as it can also bring benefits such as physical and mental health.

In this video we found, a group of individuals tried to inject some fun into using the stairs. As most people prefer to use the escalator, they tried to paint the stairs like a piano complete with a corresponding key note for every step. Sounds fun? Well, we think it LOOKS really fun too! And by the end of the experiment, 66 percent of the population who typically use the escalator decided to use the stairs!

Watch the video here:

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When we bring out the fun in any task, the load seems a bit lighter. Let us try to do the ‘Fun Theory’ everyday and let life be happy always!

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Credits: akbar salajah

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