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Old Man Punches And Knocks Down Two Thugs Trying to Harrass Him





Respect for the elders should be practiced at all times. They should not be treated like any young person who you can bully and beat around, believing they won’t fight back. While some older adults tend to ignore young lads making fun of them or disrespecting them, some won’t go down without a fight – a mighty fight, that is.

In this video we found, two young men were found in a heated conversation with an old man. By the looks of it, they were mocking and taunting the old man. According to a Spanish new site, 24 Horas, the two men had just gone out of a a store carrying shopping bags, almost the same time as the old man. In the middle of CCTV clip, the old man finally had enough and suddenly punch one of his offenders. When the other man attempted to beat him, the old man countered his punch and knocked him down as well. It turns out that the old man is a former boxer, who has not lost all his glorious form.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Mirror, HDNews24 via BroBible

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