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Macau’s Newest Ultra Luxury Hotel Looks Like A Place Straight From Your Dreams


Macau has long been a mecca of glitz and glamour. Dubbed as the Las Vegas of Asia, it boasts of sprawling casinos and luxury hotels to cater to the wealthy tourists who flock Asia’s well-known gambling hotspot.

One look at the newest ultra-luxury hotel located in the City of Dreams Macau and everyone will agree that it rightfully deserves the name it was given: Morpheus – the Greek god of dreams. This architectural masterpiece is the world’s first aluminum exoskeleton high rise. This extraordinary twin tower structure surely stands out amid Macau’s skyline.

Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, an award-winning architect.

Source: Town&Country

Her unexpected passing in 2016 shocked many of her contemporaries. She was described by London’s The Guardian as the Queen of the Curve.

Today, Morpheus serves as a fitting epitaph to the Pritzker prize winner, best known for redefining 21st-century architecture and for popularizing liberating architectural geometry.

Morpheus monolithic exterior blends exceptionally well with its equally impressive interior.

Source: Town&Country

The lobby alone, which is all of 35 square meters high, is long enough for two Ferris wheels to fit in. It boasts of 772 ultra-luxurious rooms and 6 villas that are open for invitations only.

A product of interiors wunderkind Peter Remedios.

Source: Town&Country

The interiors will leave you in awe, from the rounded-rhomboid baths to the supersized minibar. And as if it’s not enough, about everything you can control can be accessed through your Ipad.

Their signature gravity-defying rooftop pool is definitely a scene straight from your sweetest dreams.

Source: Town&Country
The snow garden at the Morpheus Spa uses real snow to calm your senses.

Source: Town&Country
The gastronomic options are quite extensive as well.

Source: Town&Country

With the Universe of Pierre Herme, otherwise known as the Picasso of Pastry, and Alain Ducasse, this place is definitely ready to impress your discriminating palates.

If you think there isn’t much to Macau besides their casinos, this hotel will definitely change your mind.

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