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Mister Global 2019 Contestants Show Off Stunning National Costumes

Which national costume is your favorite?

Nobelle Borines





Who says only the ladies can have fun in beauty pageants? The contestants of Mister Global 2019 have proven that they can look handsome and fierce in their national costumes. Not surprisingly, the photos of the men in their national costumes have caught of the attention of the public and more people are now aware of the male pageant.

Mister Global 2019 was held on September 26 and 23-year-old Jongwoo Kim from Korea won at the event. The contestants also promoted environmental awareness in an effort to help people care for the planet.

Here are the stunning photos of the contestants in their national costumes.

1. Guam

Mister Guam managed to look fierce in his colorful costume.

2. South Africa

The contestant’s costume represented several different South African cultures.

3. Sri Lanka

Mister Sri Lanka wore an intricate costume that almost won the National Costume award.

4. Mexico

He looks like a warrior god, doesn’t he?

5. Panama

Look at all those gorgeous feathers!

6. Indonesia

Mister Indonesia is totally killing it with that look.

7. Haiti

It’s a simple costume but it looks stunning on Mister Haiti.

8. Japan

The parasol absolutely completes Mister Japan’s look.

9. Dominican Republic

Mister Dominican Republic is here to slay.

10. Tunisia

Mister Tunisia looks chic in his costume.

11. Korea

Here’s the current Mister Global 2019 Jonwoo Kim in his national costume.

12. Thailand

Mister Thailand’s costume is a work of art.

13. Spain

This look truly represents Spain.

14. Czech Republic

Mister Czech Republic looks casual in his costume.

15. Vietnam

Mister Vietnam’s costume is truly gorgeous.

16. Laos

Mister Laos looks like a real warrior.

17. Philippines

Mister Philippines shows off his sword and shield.

18. Peru

The colors are stunning in Mister Peru’s costume.

19. Egypt

Is it a real Pharaoh? No, it’s Mister Egypt.

20. Taiwan

Mister Taiwan’s simple costume works really well with his physique.

21. Hong Kong

Mister Hong Kong celebrates the New Year in his red costume.

22. Chile

The headdress totally completes the look.

23. Togo

Mister Togo looking cool.

24. China

Mister China poses in his simple costume.

25. Portugal

Mister Portugal looks amazing in his costume.

26. Malaysia

Mister Malaysia looks fierce!

27. Poland

Mister Poland really knows how to pose in his costume.

28. India

Mister India goes for a muted yet cool look.

29. Puerto Rico

The headdress is amazing!

30. Sweden

Mister Sweden looks cool and handsome in his costume.

31. Nigeria

The cape in Mister Nigeria’s costume completes the simple look.

32. Nepal

Mister Nepal is all about representing his country.

33. Brazil

Mister Brazil went with an interesting look.

34. Cuba

Mister Cuba appears to be loving his national costume.

35. Switzerland

The contestant decided to wear the Swiss flag.

36. USA

To be fair, Superman is from Kansas although he was originally from the planet Krypton.

37. Myanmar

Mister Myanmar took home the award for Best National Costume.

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