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Meet The Woman With The ‘Best Job’ In The World





Many individuals splurge hefty amounts of cash to travel the world. A woman, however, travels the world for free and gets paid for her services.

What about that? Meet Sorelle Amore, a videographer whose job is to travel to various destinations across the globe. Her paid work is indeed enviable that she even won the Third Home’s “Best Job On The Planet” contest.

She had the privilege to visit her most favorite destination – The Bahamas!

Her work involves traveling to wonderful places around the world and capturing priceless memories during the getaway. The 28-year-old travel enthusiast has been to numerous paradise locations in the world including Costa Rica, Scotland, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic, among others.

She had the chance to visit Costa Rica.

She did not spend a single penny during her trips because it’s her job. This means she gets paid to visit all these amazing places across the globe.

According to Third Home, the winner of the contest will get to travel, write, capture photos and videos, and stay in million-dollar luxury homes. The salary is a staggering $10,000 a month, plus all travel expenses for three months are covered.

Swimming with sharks was one of the most memorable things she’s ever done.

She seems to be enjoying her three-month stint and soon, it’ll be over. The good thing is, she’ll bring lots of memories of her journey.

She went to Dominican Republic, too.

Sorelle already traveled to 12 of the most luxurious mansions and breathtaking sights.

Join Sorelle in her journey through these photos she’s been sharing to others on her Instagram account. She shares the wonderful views, the photos of luxury houses, and the beauty of the the city during her work and travel.

What do you think of this job? Is it the best job in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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