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This Customer was Shocked to Find Mold in His McDonald’s Burger

After the controversial KFC fried rat meal, a customer is served with a mouldy McBurger…

Mini Malabanan





After the controversial KFC deep fried rat meal, a McDonald’s customer from Taplow, Berkshire was horrified to find a mold growing on top of a bun served to him while dining at McDonald’s Holborn.

Edward Porter, a 33-year-old senior executive at a software company, decided to post photos of  the moldy burger on social media after the fast food restaurant offered him £30 in vouchers as a “fair amount of compensation”.

Porter was dining along with his colleagues when he suddenly spotted the blue mold on his meal just as he was about to take a bite.

“I was served a burger with mold on it at the Holborn McDonald’s in London. It happened at 11.30pm on 4 June; I was working in Liverpool Street, London and had been out with some clients. I went to McDonald’s to get a quick burger with my colleague before heading home,” Porter told The Daily Mail UK.

mcdonald's-customer-finds-mold-in-his burger1

Porter immediately informed the duty manager about his moldy burger and was offered a refund and another burger in apology. Although he didn’t accept the refund, he took the new burger as he was really hungry at that time.

Disappointed by the way the McDonald’s management handled his complaint, Porter shared the controversial photos on social media as his “last resort”. Of course, the disgusting images quickly went viral and the controversial rotten meal was dubbed by social media users as “Mcmoldy”.
mcdonald's-customer-finds-mold-in-his burger2

A McDonald’s spokesperson claimed that they have apologized to the angry McDonald’s customer and reimbursed him. Moreover, they have launched a full investigation on the incident.

Reportedly, Porter made an unreasonable compensation claim which he quickly denied.

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Source: The Daily Mail UK

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These Fishermen Woke a Sleeping Anaconda and Got What they Deserved

They soon realized it was not a smart move!

Ann Moises



"Let sleeping dogs lie"---this is an idiomatic expression which means that we should leave someone or something alone or else, we might get in trouble.

These fishermen from Brazil should have thought about that when they did something as ludicrous as this.

These men decided it would be fun to poke and wake a sleeping anaconda in the Santa Maria river, and they have incriminated themselves by filming the incident too.

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This Vibrant Little Girl Has Left the Internet Completely Baffled

This forensic sketch artist is responsible for creating images of abused, injured or traumatized dead children to identify his/ her identity so justice could prevail.

Inah Garcia



It is a constant life struggle to find a job that you will truly love. They say, finding a job you love means you never have to work a day in your life. People have different requirements so they can call their job satisfying; some may be looking for financial stability, personal growth and career advancement. But for Christi Andrews, it is whole lot of different story.

Christi is a forensic artist, who serves the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Her job requires her to create realistic images of victimized children so as to enhance the investigation of the authorities and hopefully bring justice.

“We want to obviously create an image of what the child will look like in life," she told WBZ. "But also the vibrancy of that child, and we want obviously people to pay attention to these images.”

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Woman Left Critically Injured in a Car Crash Next to Dead Boyfriend for Three Days

Who knows, her boyfriend might have survived if the police responded right away.

Mini Malabanan



For three days, a 25-year-old woman was trapped and left fighting for her life inside a car with her dead boyfriend after police failed to respond.

Lamara Bell and her 28-year-old boyfriend, John Yuill, were discovered inside a car that crashed through some trees and into a field on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, Yuill was pronounced dead at the scene while Bell was found to be in critical condition.  She was immediately rushed to the Southern General, Glasgow.

According to reports, the couple was driving along M9 southbound near junction nine at Bannockburn when they allegedly left the road and crashed.

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