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Man Creates a Clever Sandpit that Looks Like a Secret Door on the Ground for his Nephew.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with the finished product.

Is it your secret fantasy to enter into a lucrative door that looks like an entrance to another dimension? If that’s the case, then what do you think of a beautiful door located on the backyard ground? Yes. ON the ground.

Rionled, a Reddit user recently posted pictures of a set of doors that he plans to place on the backyard grounds. At first, the idea seems a bit weird but wait until you find out his real reasons.

The maker of the interesting door originally planned to make a sandbox as a grand play area for his nephew. However, when he made two wooden doors to protect the sandpit, he realized that it can also be used as a seating area. What a brilliant idea!

Although he saw similar products available in the market, he opted to make one to save on costs. With just a few wood pieces, handy tools, some ingenuity, and the help of his brother, they were able to make a really nice sandpit for the nephew.

Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think by putting your thoughts in the comment box below!

The First Step: Framing


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Because he was only able to afford buying the exact amount of wood needed, he is very careful in cutting them to prevent shortage.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
In here, he measures the sandpit cover/door to make sure it fits well.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
We can now see the structure of the sandpit here.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
To make sure the door is well protected from animals, he added hinges to the door.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Then of course, he had to make sure they fit on the seats!


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
To make it look more attractive, he spayed the door with a stain and install on some handles.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Truly, a One-of-a-Kind creation from a loving uncle.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Clever transformation of the beautiful sandpit.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled

Source: Little Things

Home & DIY

Tiny Purple House Looks Cutesy From The Outside But Totally Different On The Inside

This is probably the coolest tiny house I’ve ever seen.

If you think that there is not much to do with your small house, think again. A tiny house, measuring 176 square feet will prove that it is not impossible to create a beautiful abode with such a limited space.

From the outside, it looks like a cute house straight from a Disney movie painted in bright colors including pink, purple, and blue. What is unbelievably amazing is that the fully functional home inside! It has solar panels on the roof, which is the sole power generator for all the electrical appliances inside the house.

On top of that, there is a secret storage space on the floor, a desk space, and a fully furnished kitchen - all of which will surely make you say, "Genius!" This Victorian inspired house costs the owner roughly $60,000 in total.

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Home & DIY

She Transformed An Old Rustic Cooler Into Something Awesome for Only $30.

We love this idea and it’s an easy project.


Thanks to Pinterest, upcycling, the process of turning old and unwanted items into awesome beautiful projects is becoming a trend nowadays. The idea of transforming old things into gorgeous useful pieces has indeed become a way of life not just for people who love arts and crafts but even for ordinary people.

Killer B. Design blog owner Brooke Norsworthy was interested in buying rustic coolers but the high cost prevented her from buying one. Good thing, her father had spare recycled barnwood which gave her the idea to actually upcycle the old ice chest.

For the awesome DIY project, Norsworthy only spent $30 for the supplies which included nails, screws, five 2x2s and one 1×4, a spigot, pipe couplings, a bottle opener, and handles.

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Home & DIY

I Have No Idea You Could Use a PVC Pipe to Make a Very CLEVER Household Hack!

Simple but brilliant!


One of the most annoying things that can ever happen to us is being locked out of our own house. It happened to me, too, and boy, it was really troublesome. I felt frustrated, and honestly, I felt like a blockhead. But this kind of experience need not happen again.

To avoid being locked out of the house, the "hidden house key" trick has been used by a lot of people for quite some time now. But sometimes, you might just run out of hiding places. Sure, you can leave a spare key under the door mat or under a flower pot, but it's really not safe to do that anymore. Believe me, your spare key will be so easy to find that it'll literally take a few seconds for other people to figure out where it's hidden.

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