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Man Creates a Clever Sandpit that Looks Like a Secret Door on the Ground for his Nephew.





Is it your secret fantasy to enter into a lucrative door that looks like an entrance to another dimension? If that’s the case, then what do you think of a beautiful door located on the backyard ground? Yes. ON the ground.

Rionled, a Reddit user recently posted pictures of a set of doors that he plans to place on the backyard grounds. At first, the idea seems a bit weird but wait until you find out his real reasons.

The maker of the interesting door originally planned to make a sandbox as a grand play area for his nephew. However, when he made two wooden doors to protect the sandpit, he realized that it can also be used as a seating area. What a brilliant idea!

Although he saw similar products available in the market, he opted to make one to save on costs. With just a few wood pieces, handy tools, some ingenuity, and the help of his brother, they were able to make a really nice sandpit for the nephew.

Take a look at the photos and tell us what you think by putting your thoughts in the comment box below!

The First Step: Framing


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Because he was only able to afford buying the exact amount of wood needed, he is very careful in cutting them to prevent shortage.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
In here, he measures the sandpit cover/door to make sure it fits well.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
We can now see the structure of the sandpit here.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
To make sure the door is well protected from animals, he added hinges to the door.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Then of course, he had to make sure they fit on the seats!


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
To make it look more attractive, he spayed the door with a stain and install on some handles.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Truly, a One-of-a-Kind creation from a loving uncle.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled
Clever transformation of the beautiful sandpit.


Photo credit: Reddit / rionled

Source: Little Things

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