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Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins an Oscar and the Internet Went Nuts!





Today is the day Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a much-deserved Oscar, and the internet is rejoicing along with him.

While the the man of the hour was giving an Oscar-worthy acceptance speech before a standing ovation crowd at the Dolby Theatre, social media totally erupted with all sorts of congratulations for the much-loved star. Tweets, posts, and memes about Leo came out left and right, ranging from heart-warming to downright hilarious.

Because seriously, THIS was us when his name was called out for the Best Actor award.

Watch this epic Leo-Oscar-Winning-Reaction video:

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The moment everyone has been waiting for.

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Here’s another compilation of priceless reactions:

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For a moment, we were all Kate Winslet:

Leo won for the film “The Revenant,” in which he had to endure working in -25C temperatures, plunging in and out of icy rivers, sleeping in an animal carcass, and eating raw bison liver.

It’s a far cry from 2014, when Leo failed to bag the statuette for The Wolf of Wall Street, in which he was also nominated for Best Actor. The memes went full force and honestly, you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the dude at that time.




But kudos to him for being such a sport about it. We never heard even a single backlash from the actor and he took all of this in stride. And now, he can finally say:

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Congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio!


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