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Legendary Photoshop Troll Strikes Again With New Hilarious Photo Edits

“Can you make me look less like a child?” Yes, sir.

Mark Andrew





If you are a frequent visitor here at our site, you are probably aware that we’ve already featured many hilarious Photoshop edits in the past. There’s the dumped teen who used the software to erase her ex on her fabulous prom pictures with images of Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds. Or how about Korea’s very own We Do Phoshop who churned out some extremely funny edits?

Well when it comes to Photoshop trolling, there obviously isn’t as big of a troll and as popular as James Fridman. The man is basically a legend on the internet these days!

As most of us know by now, Fridman gained fame by receiving requests from netizens and then doing it while injecting his own brand of twisted humor. No matter how well-explained or poorly-worded an instruction is, he does find a way to do something about it and transform the image into something that just cracks up everyone.

Needless to say, we’re huge fans of this guy and so we couldn’t help but get excited each time he comes up with new stuff.

Go scroll down below and check out some of his latest edits:

#1. You got what you asked for, kid!

#2. Legs problem fixed.

#3. WTF!

#4. This is too savage, James!

#5. There you go.

#6. “You are not alone, I am here with you…”

#7. Nice ass you have there.

#8. We like him, too.

#9. Happy now, Dad?

#10. Problem solved!

#11. You got it!

#12. He’s comfortable now.

Hands down, #1 is probably by favorite in this batch. Plus #5 had me in stitches, too!

If you want to follow more of James Fridman’s stuff, you can check him out on social media at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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High School Allowed Students To Wear Costumes For Student ID’s and Things Went Hilarious!

Damn, I wish I went to this school!

Mark Andrew



When you’re already a senior student, things can be fun and challenging at the same time. Fun because, hey, you’re ready to graduate and move on to the next phase of your life. Why challenging, you ask? Well, if you’ve been a student once then you already know what I’m talking about. Professors left and right will swamp you with loads of school work and projects before you hit the finish line.

Well at least the senior students of Detroit, Michigan’s North Farmington High School have something else to add to their list of “fun” memories – their school IDs!

In this high school, it has become sort of a tradition for seniors to dress up in any costume of their choice when taking their ID pictures.

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The “Dadbag” Is For Those Who Want A Dad Bod But Don’t Like Eating Unhealthy Food

Who wants one?

Angela Beltran



Some people go overboard with their fitness routine and healthy diets just to have a ripped body. On the other hand, some people fancy themselves with the "dad bod".

A man has designed a new way you can flaunt a dad bod without eating unhealthy food choices or hitting the sofa throughout the day. The "Dadbag" is the hilarious solution by London-based art director Albert Pukies because he desperately wanted to rock the dad bod.

Meet the "Dadbag"

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Company Creates The Funniest, Most Sarcastic Soap Bars You’ll Ever See

#2 and #4 are the most hilarious!

Mark Andrew



Buying a bar of bath soap isn't exactly an exciting moment people look forward to. For the most part, we just go into a store, pick up a familiar brand, and take a quick glance at the packaging to get the right scent variant.

Well we can't say the same thing if you are buying Whiskey River Soap Co's products. Why, you ask? It's because the labels are freaking hilarious!

Are you an introvert? Or a middle child? an artist by profession, perhaps? Whoever you are and whatever it is you do, they have the right soap for you - and you'll laugh a lot as you read their products' packaging.

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