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Mom Paralyzed Three Weeks After Giving Birth Due To A Rare Disease. Her Journey Is Remarkable!

She was not able to care for her newborn daughter right away because she became paralyzed after giving birth!

Inah Garcia





When one has mapped out his/her entire life and every thing seems to be going according to plan, that person may say that life is great. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and most of the time, we get that sudden bump in life when things start to become perfect.

Take Holly Gerlach for example. She met the love of her life, got engaged, got married and gave birth to a healthy baby girl by the time she was 26. Her personal life appeared to be flawless. But less than three weeks after she delivered to her daughter, Casey, she was diagnosed to have a rare autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome. Within 72 hours, she went from active to paralyzed and suddenly could not breathe on her own.

She was admitted in the ICU for months being taken cared of by nurses and hospital staff while her newborn daughter stayed at home and can only visit the hospital at certain periods. Despite Holly’s poor condition, she never gave up. She was subsequently transferred to a regular ward and slowly made quality progress in her condition. Little by little, she did health care interventions to the best of her ability and after a few more months, she was finally discharged from the hospital.

Watch her journey in this video. It might be long but hey, it sure is worth watching until the end.

Here is the video:

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Holly sure is one brave girl with an unprecedented will power to move up and get well. What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!


Credits: Holly Gerlach

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Dad Creates Incredible Halloween Costumes for Children in Wheelchairs

From dinosaurs to pokemons to dragons, Ryan Weimer designs them all.

Ann Nuñez



"I'm not smart enough to come up with a cure, but this is something that I can do that has impacted my family in a positive way."

These were the words of an ingenious father who has developed incredible halloween costumes for wheelchair-bound children. Ryan Weimer, father to two sons who both have spinal muscular dystrophy, initially created the spectacular costumes only for his two sons; but with a little help from generous donors and DreamWorks, Ryan and his brother has started a non-profit organization called "Magic Wheelchairs", which aims to help people worldwide have the same experience.

From dinosaurs to pokemons to dragons, Ryan designs them all.

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Inspiring Story of Recovery: Lawn Mower Tragedy Split His Face Into Three

Despite the tragedy, Jacob keeps a positive outlook on life and does what other kids his age normally do.

Mini Malabanan



When Jacob Roberts was four years old, he suffered a terrible accident that changed the course of his life.

Jacob was out helping his father Brad with the lawn work when he suddenly fell ill while riding on the lawnmower with his dad. His father told Jacob to go back inside the house while he put his earbuds on and resumed his chore.

Unaware of the danger he would soon face, Jacob went back outside. Without the knowledge that his son was just around, Brad continued mowing until he backed over something.

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Guy Saves Woman After Seizure Attack And Left This Heartwarming Note For Her

Faith in humanity has absolutely been restored!

Mark Andrew



Having a seizure attack can be risky, especially if you are someone who often travels alone. Fortunately, the story below proves to us that there are still some good people out there.

This is about Ellie Farnfield who had an epileptic seizure one day while she was riding the train. A kindhearted stranger came to her rescue and helped her during the incident.

She later learned that the guy’s name was Tom because of a handwritten letter that he left for her. And mind you, the short note will touch your heart!

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