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Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything You Missed In ‘Avengers: Endgame’ New Trailer





Marvel has just released a new trailer for Avengers: Endgame and it certainly gives us an idea of what will happen in the upcoming blockbuster. From a possible trip to the Quantum Realm to a hint at Clint Barton’s transformation, here’s a breakdown of all the details we found in the trailer.

The new trailer features a lot of old footage from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films but also includes some truly surprising new scenes. Interestingly, there’s an awesome surprise at the end of the trailer that involves Thor trying to intimidate the team’s newest addition. Did you catch all of these details from the Endgame trailer?

The Iron Man Tribute

The trailer opens with footage from 2008’s Iron Man as Tony Stark contemplates how his life has been since he “got out of that cave.” It certainly looks like a tribute to Tony since Endgame is believed to be Robert Downey Jr.’s final outing as Iron Man. Nevertheless, Tony says he’s still hoping he’ll have one last surprise for Pepper Potts in the movie.

Peggy Carter’s Message

The second tribute focuses on Steve Rogers, which includes a poignant message from the elderly Peggy Carter from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“The world has changed and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best. And sometimes, the best that we can do is to start over,” Peggy says and it fits perfectly with what Endgame is all about. However, as Steve has already stated in the Super Bowl teaser, the Avengers aren’t moving on.

Clint Barton Before And After ‘Infinity War’

Hawkeye wasn’t in Avengers: Infinity War but Jeremy Renner will return in Endgame. The trailer may have given us a glimpse at what life was like for Clint before disaster struck as he is shown with a young girl shooting arrows at his farm. However, the happy scene is immediately cut as Clint reveals himself to Black Widow in a rainy Japanese setting.

The reunion possibly takes place shortly after Infinity War since Black Widow is still platinum blonde in the sequence (more on the hair change later).


The farm scene isn’t as easy to figure out. There are speculations that the girl is actually Clint’s daughter Lila Barton, whom he may have lost when Thanos snapped his fingers in Infinity War. Others believe the little archer might be comic book character Kate Bishop, who eventually takes over the Hawkeye mantle when Clint becomes Ronin.

Thor’s Guilt

We finally get some old footage from the first Thor film as well as the heartbreaking dusting of Falcon, Black Panther, and Scarlet Witch from Infinity War. If you are one of those fans who somehow blamed the Odinson for not aiming for the head, you won’t be surprised with Thor’s new line in the trailer.


“I still let all these people die,” he says. There’s a huge possibility that Thor might be blaming himself for allowing Thanos to ultimately snap his fingers in Infinity War instead of finishing the job.

Avengers HQ Meeting

We’re back at the present (or future) where Steve, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner are at the Avengers HQ. Interestingly, Natasha Romanoff’s hair might confirm that this scene takes place several years after Infinity War since she’s back to her natural red hair but with blonde streaks.

Scott Lang’s Return

If you’ve been worried about Scott Lang in the Ant-Man and The Wasp post-credits scene, the trailer assures you that he gets out of the Quantum Realm just fine. We’ll get back to the Quantum Realm in a bit. For now, Scott is still confused as he wanders around and comes across several Missing Person posters.

Rocket Raccoon Finds A New Friend

Here’s an interesting shot of Rocket and War Machine. It looks like Rocket found himself a cool new gun while Rhodey has upgraded his War Machine armor. Additionally, the scene’s background appears pretty dark and suggests the new buddies are teaming up for the battle which also features another Guardian…

Where Is Nebula?

The background is a bit clearer behind Nebula and it looks like the fight is happening on a different planet covered in ruins. If it isn’t happening on Earth, then this might confirm that Captain America actually heads out to outer space…

Captain America In Space?

The Captain America shield is back and it looks like Steve is having a hard time keeping it on. There are speculations that he might already be injured from the battle when he straps the shield on tighter.

The New Suits

If there’s one thing that has people excited about the trailer, it’s the sequence where the survivors are assembled at the Avengers HQ. And yes, that includes Tony and Nebula!

The team also happen to be wearing new suits that resemble Hank Pym’s gear when he went into the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and The Wasp. Could this mean Scott Lang is leading everyone into the new dimension? It’s still possible that these might be new spacesuits instead.

Finally… The New Girl

The trailer concludes with Captain Marvel meeting Thor, who is trying to intimidate the newcomer. He summons his hammer, which flies past Carol Danvers’ head but she doesn’t even flinch. Thor is clearly impressed. “I like this one,” he says with a smile.


Are you ready for the Endgame? Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26.

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