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This Teacher Made An Awesome ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Classroom





Going to school is currently a magical experience for some lucky third graders. A Pennsylvania teacher has just redecorated her classroom. Her theme is all about Harry Potter and his wonderful friends at Hogwarts.

Tressa Mellow Bargella is a third grade teacher at Valley View School District in Archbald, Pennsylvania. Bargella clearly wanted her students to have fun while studying. The teacher decided to pay homage to J.K. Rowling’s beloved book series by decorating her classroom as if it was set in Hogwarts.

Bargella with her son, who is also part of her third grade class.

Doesn’t this classroom make you feel like you’re in Hogwarts?

Bargella began working on the classroom in late July, adding little details along the way. Her official Instagram account reveals how she carefully made little mandrakes and crafted a furry class pet, the Monster Book of Monsters that was Hagrid’s textbook of choice. Needless to say, the finished product will make you want to “Apparate” yourself into her class.

You probably remember this guy for eating Harry Potter’s shoe in ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’.

This cutie made a scene for making Neville Longbottom faint in ‘The Chamber of Secrets’.

The awesome teacher shared photos of her creation on Facebook and Instagram. Bargella admitted that she was exhausted from all the work but is happy with the results.

She said:

“I am COMPLETELY DRAINED but it was worth it. I honestly lost track of how many hours it took me but in the end, I spend more time here than at home some days and it is now my happy place. Hope my new little wizards love being inside my Hogwarts walls as much as I do!”

Bargella’s little wizards probably can’t wait to get to school everyday.

It takes a very special wizard to earn a place in Undesirable No. 1.

Bargella’s students are not the only ones pleased with the Harry Potter classroom. She revealed that a parent was happy with what she had done for her class. The parent said that their daughter “loved it. She said it felt like she was there for 15 min then had to leave. She didn’t want to come home.”

There are so many awesome little details in Bargella’s classroom.

We can’t get enough of this wonderful tribute to the real Harry Potter MVP Dobby.

We can all only wish to be a part of this Harry Potter class. However, you can follow @bargella_in_3rd on Instagram for more updates on her amazing classroom.

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