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Guy Tries to Prove Scientific Study by Letting Spiders Crawl into His Mouth





How far would you go to prove a scientific theory? This guy wanted to test a scientific hypothesis, and allowed someone to drop live spiders on his face…to see if they would crawl into his mouth!

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Staff, Shane Madej came upon a study claiming at least eight….eight!….spiders climb into our mouths each year while we’re asleep.

If you’re the type of person who sleeps with your mouth open…snoring, drooling, sleep-talking, or just relaxing an overbite…then you should know you are in grave danger of swallowing a spider while off in dreamland.

Word of warning: if you have extreme arachnophobia…and sleep with your mouth open…stop reading this article now!

Nope, too late…

Pretending to sleep so he won’t have to look at the spider.

0916 spider mouth2

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Madej thought he would try out a real-life scenario of the spider-crawling-in-mouth-while-asleep, just to test out the published study, and he enlisted the help of Diana Terranova, spider handler extraordinaire, to drop live spiders into his mouth!

Terranova, a professional arachnid handler, also happens to be an actress in her spare time, appearing in films like “Get Him to the Greek,” “Tomcats,” and…wait for it…”Camel Spiders!”

Shane Madej, Diana Terranova, and her pets.

0916 diana terranova, shane madej spiders twitter

Terranova started with a small Orb spider anyone can find in their backyard.

Shane looks terrified.

0916 spider mouth

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

However, the spider appeared to be more frightened of Shane than he was of the spider, and it scampered away across his forehead in a panic.

They tried bigger, more aggressive spiders to see if they would go for the open, inviting maw that was Shane’s mouth.

Brave Shane tries to smile through his horror.

0916 shane madej instagram spider2

But the spiders seemed to have a healthy dose of self-preservation, and either scampered or crawled away.

Did they perhaps sense the “sleeping” Shane was faking slumber, or was his onion-bedecked pizza lunch earlier turning them away in disgust?

Finally, Terranova tried an Olios spider, a light brown hunting arachnid that, surprise, surprise…actually touched Shane’s mouth!

Aha! Finally…

0916 shane madej instagram spider

So, point proven. Sort of. The scientific theory is sound. And Shane ended up a nervous wreck after the experiment.

I need my therapist…

0916 spider mouth3

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Wouldn’t you?

Watch the video here:

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H/T: Buzzfeed, Shane Madej, and Diana Terranova


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