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Groom Immediately Demands Divorce After Mother-In-Law Asked To Say Goodbye To Her Daughter





A wedding is supposed to be a moment to celebrate the union of two people in love but for one Egyptian couple, the day resulted in chaos. Trouble sparked when the groom immediately asked to divorce his wife just because his mother-in-law wanted to say her final farewells to her daughter.

The groom’s temper tantrums resulted in a brawl among family guests. Reports have it that the groom and the bride’s families got into a physical fight, throwing things at each other.

The Egyptian couple’s wedding turned out to be chaotic occasion.

It all happened after the bride’s mother asked the groom if she can say her final goodbye to her beloved daughter before the couple sets off for their honeymoon. But for some strange reasons, the groom got offended and immediately asked for a divorce.

The couple was spotted in their getaway car, about to leave from their wedding party late at night.

Source: theoberports

The bride’s parents approached them and asked to talk privately with the bride but the groom somehow didn’t like it and ended up throwing a fit. It was the last straw for him as he went haywire and shouted at his in-laws.

He told them they had all day to say their farewells since they also spent all night with their daughter.

The man was throwing a tantrum and he shouted he wanted a divorce.

Source: Maudit

The bride’s uncle intervened, trying to talk some sense into the groom so he would calm down. However, his efforts were futile.

A fight between two families ensued.

During the fight, tables, chairs, and other objects began flying all around as the family members were throwing them at each other. There were at least five people who got hurt in the fight. The brawl was caught on camera and uploaded online, which then went viral on Arabic social media.

The bride went to their marital home but she went alone. The groom refused to go after her and he was firm about his decision to divorce his new wife. Certainly, this is not the kind of ending one would want to have.

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