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48 Times Genius People Took Trolling To Another Level

They somehow confirmed that trolling is an art!


While some suck at trolling, others are born to do it. It’s like they came to earth for one single purpose: to troll people. And their tactics are so great that we can’t help but get fascinated. Well, that’s because they also put tremendous amount of effort in what they do.

If you think you’ve had enough of trolls in your life, then you don’t know half of them. Below are more hilarious examples of people doing what they do best. No doubt this will make your day. Enjoy!

#1. Trolling the Protesters 101.

Source: PR3DA7oR
#2. This is some mad art skills, though.

#3. ‘Where to now, Captain?’

Source: saintrph
#4. Poor, kitty.

#5. Perfect example of ‘Trolling the System.’

Source: ralphfaith
#6. This troll nailed it.

#7. No words to explain.

#8. Slow cap, please. Slow cap.

#9. Thou shall not troll one another.

#10. Run, troll, run!

#11. How to troll pickpocketers? Here.

Source: obviousplant
#12. 141 years old troll.

Source: JiDE
#13. Because Obi-Wan Kenobi sure looks like Jesus.

#14. Is college really that hard?

#15. How to troll your annoying apartment neighbors.

Source: LivePatrone
#16. Yes, your highness!

Source: glnito
#17. Just imagine the scare here.

#18. When you piss of the entire Internet, you’re a great troll!

#19. Just yell ‘copy,’ bro!

Source: deltahokie
#20. When daddy serves dinner.

Source: HocusPenis
#21. When you remind your parents that there’s an escaped murderer and they send this to you.

Source: Imgur
#22. A Canadian cake to celebrate 4th of July.

#23. Just making the Tootsie Rolls sweeter!

Source: cunt_dooku
#24. When trolling needs creativity.

Source: aidanswalt
#25. Long live the troll king!

#26. The guests will definitely be in shock.

#27. Just parents being, well, parents.

Source: boomdeyada
#28. I fell for it. Did you?

#29. Troll level: cat.

#30. How to troll your entire family.

#31. When all the party goers dressed the same as your Twitter pic.

Source: jrhennessy
#32. Way to go, prof!

Source: thepakman47
#33. You can thank me later!

Source: tripleshift
#34. Trolling the Apple store the right way.

Source: toddy08
#35. Just feel the tire.

Source: auldron
#36. Troll van alert.

Source: da_yetti
#37. When your barista is trolling with you.

Source: SuperCub
#38. This is how a real management works.

Source: Guacotacos
#39. Crowd troll!

#40. Welcome to, ‘Impressive Forum Troll.’

#41. They had a brother who turned into a mushroom for not taking a bath.

#42. Troll dad.

Source: humortogo
#43. The older one looks skeptical.

Source: Reddit
#44. My mind is way too dirty for this game.

Source: Reddit
#45. Old-school trolling from 1930

Source: Mike_Pants
#46. This cruel clever mom.

#47. Thanks dad!

Source: Mike_Pants
#48. Almost gave me a heart-attack.

Source: Mike_Pants

So, what do you think about this compilation of genius trolls? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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