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Gang Member Dies After Attempting to ‘Gold Plate’ His Penis

This gang member went for the extreme as he risked his life just to gold plate his scrotum!

Inah Garcia





Who does not fancy gold? Gold is a precious element that is used to make jewelery, expensive watches and other posh things. But as much as we love it, we can only go as far as wearing it, and not actually plating it onto our bodies. But for an L.A gang member, we guess, it was worth a try.

Nazario Conchuza Gonzales is a 17-year-old member of the Ms-13 gang. With an alias of “Pelotas de oro,” which means “golden testicles,” he wanted to live up to his name for his 17th birthday and gold plate his testicles. However, it did not go according to plan and he died due to complications.

The El Salvadorian native was so inspired by the movie, Goldmember, which is a parody of the James Bond movie, Goldfinger. In the former, Austin Powers, the main character looks for a criminal, who is known to color the genitals of his male victims gold.


Photo credit: Popdust

According to reports, Gonzales first painted his private parts in a lead-based paint; however, he feels like it was not enough and decided to go to the next level — the extreme level. He went out to steal a professional automotive gold plater from a garage. He proceeded with this self-operation and since his objective is truly medically impossible, he succumb to complications and later died.


Gold plating the scrotum is sure to lead to death, says Dr Ian Jefferson, an LA community hospital doctor. But quite interestingly, the procedure is increasingly becoming popular amongst gang members in California.

“This is the third case this year, but we have had many occurrences in hospitals in the region these past years. It seems to be a growing trend within the gang member community.

I have no idea where this idea comes from but plating one’s own genitals will only ultimately end in serious medical complications or even death, as we have seen in this case.” –Dr Ian Josefsson, Los Angeles Community Hospital

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Mini Malabanan



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Ann Moises



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Ann Moises



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