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Father Gives Heartwarming Pieces of Advice About Raising a Daughter

22 pieces of advice from a father raising a daughter that will hit you right in the feels.


Becoming a father is no easy task. Just like being a mother, it’s a 24/7 job that requires no paycheck, only love and respect from their children.

There is no perfect formula to becoming the best father but one dad has a list and pieces of advice for fathers raising a daughter. Michael Mitchell, a father to a young girl keeps a blog about his thoughts and personal experiences as a parent. He also shares the realities, joys and struggles of being a father including his tips to better understand children (daughters).

This might also come in handy for expectant fathers and a precious gift to every dad out there. Reminisce special moments with your main man and acknowledge his efforts to be the best father a child or a daughter could ever have–our rock, hero, protector, provider and friend all rolled into one.

Here are 22 best quotes from Michael’s blog.


  1. Love and respect her mother. Don’t be ashamed of expressing your feelings in public. When your girl grows up, there’s a good chance that she’ll fall in love with someone who treats her as you treated her mother.
  2. Always be by her side. When you spend time with your child, not only does the quality matter, but also the quantity. Be sincerely interested in things that are important to her. Participate in every stage of her life.
  3. Become her hero, and value that role every day, every minute. A red cape and blue tights are obligatory.
  4. Yes, you look silly playing hide-and-seek. But it’s necessary.
  5. Dance with your little girl long before her wedding day.
  6. Take her fishing, even if she squirms more than a worm on a hook.
  7. Tell her she’s beautiful, again and again, every day. When she grows up, TV and magazines will try to convince her she’s not.
  8. Relish every moment spent together. Today she crawls around the house in diapers, and tomorrow you’ll be handing her keys to the car. Before you realize it, you’re walking her down the aisle. Life passes quickly. Savor the moments.
  9. She’ll argue with her mother. Choose sides wisely.
  10. Let her experience a variety of things. There are a lot of surprising and interesting things beyond your town or apartment.
  11. Buy her what she asks for. One day she’ll ask for a dog. Just say ’yes’.
  12. Teach her how to deal with money.
  13. Carry her in your arms or on your shoulders as often as possible, while your back is strong and she’s still a baby.
  14. She’ll be waiting for you to come home from work. Don’t be late.
  15. If she had a bad dream, let her sleep in your bed.
  16. There’s nothing more soothing in life than to cry on dad’s shoulder.
  17. When pushing her on a swing in a park, remember that her «faster and higher» is a bit different from yours.
  18. Ice cream works magic. Remember her favorite flavor.
  19. Never miss her birthday and always keep a promise.
  20. Learn to trust her. Give her more freedom as she grows up.
  21. Remember that one day, she’ll open her wings and fly away a beautiful butterfly. Enjoy her while she’s still a little caterpillar.
  22. Let her know she can always come home.


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