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A Fascinating Method To Control Your Dreams Has Been Confirmed, Studies Say

Making Inception a reality, one step at a time.


One of the fascinating things about dreams is that everything is possible to them. Their convoluted nature allows for an endless array of possibilities. One moment you’re walking on a tight rope, then next thing you know you are talking to a cat while the sky is falling above you. Dreams are bizarre, trippy, and intriguing in nature.

Fortunately, believe it or not, experts have finally verified a new technique to initiate lucid dreams. For those who don’t know, a lucid dream is a type of dream during which the person is aware of dreaming. During a lucid dream, the person dreaming, to some extent, has some controls over the dream.

Experts have finally discovered a way to control your dreams.

Source: Pixabay

According to the reports, their trials managed to allow a surprising number of the participants to dream lucidly, and they even did not use any form of an external process like electrical stimulation. One of the processes they used is reality testing which involves the participants to check their state of awareness consistently in order to make sure that they’re awake.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD)

Source: Pixabay

Another process is called Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD). MILD process includes set alarms for the participants in order to wake them up every five hours. During these waking moments, they had to recite “the next time I am dreaming, I will remember that I’m dreaming.”

The results were a bit underwhelming at first. However, when combined, the results were pretty impressive.

Source: Pixabay

Dr. Denholm Aspy, a scientist from the University of Adelaide is currently toying with the idea of combining more techniques in order to increase the chance of success. As of now, some of the new methods require advanced equipment since a few of them are still a bit unpredictable in some regards.

According to Aspy’s reports in the journal Dreaming, the reality testing was a bit lacking in regards to its results. However, when they combined it with MILD, more than half of the participants managed to have lucid dreaming.

This breakthrough is fascinating. Right now, experts believe that lucid dreaming could be a powerful tool for trauma patients as well as other behavioral problems.


4 Major Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Planners Themselves

Wedding planners are not only skillful in setting up wedding events. Apparently, they are also keen at looking for signs whether they’re planning weddings that will last or not.

When we attend weddings, we hope that the romance between the couple lasts forever as they vowed to keep in front of anyone during the ceremony. But in reality, life isn’t always about roses, chocolates, and dates. Sadly, there are relationships that don’t last in love, and apparently, you can see clear signs whether a marriage is about to go on a lifetime or sometimes as early as the wedding!

While wedding planners are the prime witnesses on how lovers put in an effort to make their big day really special, they are also, oddly, the first ones to determine if a marriage would last or not. So while it’s funny how wedding planners are one of the first people to fix your union, they share the following signs they usually notice that tells them their clients are marrying the wrong person.

How will you know if your marriage will last or not?

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The creepiest Halloween drink is out, but be careful as the booze carries a horrifying story with it!

The Halloween is just around the corner and all sorts of creepy gimmicks are starting to come out. From donning a realistic zombie costume to decorating a house like something sinister is about to happen, people are putting a lot of efforts to feel the spirit of Halloween.

But how about swaying away from the usual pumpkin cookies and red gelos that mirror a bloody drink for the Halloween treats? How about trying the new booze that’s sure to give you the chills and horror of being mystified by a supernatural being.

The creepiest Halloween drink might be exceptionally delicious but it has a dark secret behind its ingredients.

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13 Illustrations Shows How Modern “Justice” In Different Countries Looks Like

It goes without saying that justice system can be flawed.

As we all know it, one of the most sensitive subjects to tackle these days is the concept of human rights. Due to the huge cultural differences among countries, it can be difficult to find the perfect middle ground without offending age-old local customs.

Gunduz Agayev, a very talented illustrator, decided to dabble on the issue of human rights and fearlessly created several powerful illustrations in order to raise awareness. Using his talent, he unveiled the horrible reality about the justice system nowadays, no holds barred.

It should be noted that the opinions these illustrations contain are all from the artist Gunduz Agayev.

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