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Eight-Year-Old Students To Be Told ‘Boys Can Have Periods Too’






Things are about to get just a little confusing in biology classrooms around the UK. Schools in Brighton are now teaching students as young as eight that people “of all genders” can have periods. The educational institution is also expected install sanitary waste disposal units in every toilet room.

Teachers have been issued guidelines in which they are told that they should avoid offending girls who identify themselves as boys. The teacher guidance states that trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods, and it guides teachers to teach their students that language about menstruation must be inclusive for everyone.

The new teaching is a part of recent guidance on menstruation and sex education. It was included in the “Taking a Period Positive Approach in Brighton & Hove Schools” guidelines, which was issued by the local council in early December.

Under the subheading “key messages,” teachers are told to stress to students that “trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods” as well as that “periods are something to celebrate and we can see this in ceremonies and celebrations across the world.”

The advice also advocates the placement of Red Boxes in all age-relevant bathrooms, at the cost of $4,580, which would provide free sanitary products to students in need with the aim of diminishing so-called “period poverty.”

However, critics have described these new guidelines as “insanity” for teachers to be explaining the concept to eight-year-olds.

Tory MP David Davies said:

“Learning about periods is already a difficult subject for children that age, so to throw in the idea girls who believe they are boys also have periods will leave them completely confused.”

Stephanie Davies-Arai, from the campaign group Transgender Trend, said:

“Girls going through puberty are already having a difficult time. What they should be given is clear language to be able to talk about their bodies and their female biological functions without couching it in politically correct terms.”

And feminist campaigner Julie Bindel said:

“To tell impressionable children that boys can also menstruate sidelines girls who should be getting support when they start their periods.”

What do you think about the new guidelines?

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