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Yes, There is Such a Thing as Competitive Vaping – and it’s Called Cloud Chasing.





Electronic cigarettes have been slowly gaining popularity as an alternative to cigarettes and tobacco. Many of its users are smokers, while others are completely new to the smoking scene. And with its growing popularity also came the birth of a new competitive sport – cloud chasing.

In cloud chasing, or just commonly called competitive vaping, participants use their vapes or e-cigarettes to create large clouds of vapor. But sometimes just blowing the big ones isn’t enough – you gotta make tricks too. And if you think these competitions are just small-time contests, then think again! When vapers participate in cloud chasing, they mean serious business. The Vape Capitol Championships alone had 28 stops and 3 conventions! And that’s not even the finals!

Watch how these vapers take cloud chasing seriously:

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Although vaping is an alternative to smoking, it still has the same adverse effects as smoking an actual cigarette, studies say. So when you vape, you better be aware of its consequences too.

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