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A Couple Built This Beautiful Castle in Romania and It’s 100% Organic!





Who ever said that life is not like the movies?

A couple from Transylvania, Romania has made a castle that seemed to be taken out of a fairytale scene.

Razvan and Gabriela Vasile, who are both singers by profession, have built a fairytale castle out of 100% organic materials — clay, straw, sand, wooden pillarsand stone.

They have moved out of their urban home in Bucharest and transferred to a village 24 miles (40 km) from the city of Sibiu.

Source: Marius Man
Razran and Gabriela

Razran and Gabriela

Castelul de Lut or Clay Castle, a place with not even a trace of modern paint or varnish, stands in a place that fit it well as it is called Valea Zanelor or The Valley of Faries.


The 10-room Clay Castle of the Valley of the Fairies which work began in 2014 is now fully constructed. It is now being decorated and refined inside and soon people could stay in it. The eco-castle will open by the end of the year.

While it is still not operating as a hotel yet, tourists visit the place to gaze in the magnificent views of the Carpathian Mountains blanketed in white, proximity to the famous Transfagarasan highway and medieval Sibiu.

A visit gives them the escape and tranquility from the busy city life. It is perfect for those who seek solitude.

It delivers the image of the Brothers Grimm or Hobbit house, however you want to look at it.
The place gives the complete authentic Romanian feel as it will serve local dishes on its restaurant.

The ten rooms will be kept warm during winter with traditional wood-burning fires. The place has no use of air-conditioning and anything harmful to the ecology.


Couples could also live their real-life fairytale and have their wedding at the place as one already hosted theirs at the castle.

The beautiful setting of the Clay Castle

The beautiful setting of the Clay Castle

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