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50 Before and After Photos Show Incredible Weight Loss Transformations

If these are not enough to surprise, then I certainly do not know what else will.






Losing weight is no moonlight and roses. You will definitely undergo the hardest trials of your life. Imagine veering away from your favorites such as chocolates, burgers, and ice cream, among many others. The journey is not going to be easy, but the results are going to be very rewarding. Besides, who does not want to look and feel good, right?

Whether or not you are planning to shed weight or stay in shape, there is no better way than to do it now. There is no tomorrow. If you want to achieve the best look in life, then start now. Nonetheless, we understand that you will be needing the inspiration to stay motivated – and this is exactly what this list is all about.

We here at Elite Readers have compiled some of the best before-and-after photos from people who decided to slim down. If they are not enough to motivate you, then we really do not know what else will. So, without further ado, we present them to you!


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12-Year-Old Kid Quits School To Raise Money For Dying Mom

Gu Guang Zhao, 12, recently quit school so he can attend to his mother who is dying from kidney failure.

Mark Andrew



It’s a story that’s as inspiring as it is heart-wrenching. We’ve heard about parents who never gave up on their kids, even if things seemed impossible but now this is about something that proves some children, despite being young, will go great lengths to help their parents as well.

Case in point, Gu Guang Zhao is merely 12 years old and yet he made a big decision to ensure that his ill mother will be cared for and that he’d do his part in helping raise the needed money for her treatment.

Gu Guang Zhao recently quit school so he can attend to his mother, who is dying from kidney failure.

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98-Year-Old Mom Moves Into Care Home To Look After 80-Year-Old Son

A mom’s love is unending…

Angela Beltran



A mother's love is unconditional and they are always there for their children no matter what. The story of a 98-year-old woman and her 80-year-old son is making the rounds on the internet. This proves that mothers do not stop caring for their children, even when they're already old.

Ada Keating moved into the nursing home where her son, Tom, stays to take care of him. The mother and son were inseparable since they lived together most of Tom's life since he never married.

Tom has been a resident at Moss View care home in Huyton, Liverpool since 2016.

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5 Books You Should Read To Get Over A Breakup

Read your way to healing and moving forward.




Some endings are hurtful and some people struggle in bouncing back after a break up. There are different ways on how we cope with break up and books can offer some form of remedy.

There are times that there is no way to save a relationship that is once cherished by a couple. And there are cases wherein the separation is not amicable to both parties. Below are the five books that will guarantee to help you in moving on.

1. Why We Broke Up – Daniel Handler

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