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Babysitter Donates Her Liver to The Baby Girl She Was Taking Care Of

This wonderful and selfless lady just saved the baby’s life.


The world never runs out of good people. Everywhere we go, there are people who are willing to go out of their way to help those who are in dire need of assistance, sometimes, even if they have to put their lives on the line.

Take for example this babysitter who, without hesitation, donated part of her liver to the baby she was taking care of.

Kiersten Miles, a 22-year-old nanny from New Jersey, USA, had been babysitting 16-month-old Talia Rosko for only three weeks when she learned that the poor kid was suffering from biliary atresia, a potentially fatal liver disease. Talia’s central bile duct was not functioning properly, causing bile to accumulate in her liver. In effect, the baby became jaundiced and as the doctors have explained, she only has months to live if she will not receive proper treatment.

Kiersten was hired to look after Talia in the summer of 2016.

When Kiersten heard about Talia’s condition, she searched the internet for possible solutions. Eventually, she found out that organ donation was a possibility, so she suggested it and then filled out the necessary paperwork to determine if Talia and she are a match. The results came out and indeed, they were a match. To say that Talia’s parents were ecstatic was an understatement.

Talia’s parents, Goerge and Farra Rosko, said:

“This is a serious thing, this is not like donating blood. I was very taken aback, I didn’t know that she was this selfless — I’ve come to find out that this is who she is. She really is an angel on earth; I know that sounds silly, but she really is…We didn’t even know her. I thought it was wonderful that she offered, but I didn’t really think it would go through. It’s not something that people do every day.”

Fortunately, the surgery was a success. When Kiersten found out about this, she was overcome with emotion. She said:

“I don’t know if it was all the emotions building up over time, but I asked one of the surgeons if I could see Talia. He told me that I could definitely see her in the next couple of days. He said she was doing great. And when he left, I just started bawling. I think I was just really happy and really relieved at the same time.”

The 14-hour operation was a success.

Kiersten was more than glad to have made a difference in Talia’s life.

Kiersten will no longer be able to donate part of her liver in the future, even if any of her family members will require a transplant in the future but she said that it was all worth it.

Watch the video:

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You see, instances like this solidify our belief that there is a greater power that works out there, a certain omnipotent power that gives us exactly what we need at a perfect time. Imagine the odds of Kiersten walking into a home with a baby who needs an organ donor and her turning exactly into a perfect match.

Well, we got one word for it – fate.


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