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Unique School in Britain Has No Rules, No Exams, No Uniforms And Only Has Classes 3 Days A Week

This school encourages discovery and learning through direct experience and play.


There’s no need to worry about stressful exams or stifling school rules. This “hipster” school in Britain might be every child’s dream! And what’s more, there are only classes three days a week.

The Green House Education Project is located at South Stoke, Bath, Somerset. Instead of listening to boring lecture day to day, students in this school spend more time outdoors. It is tagged as hipster because of its free-spirited disposition.

Founders of the school describe it as a “learning community.” The classes are from Monday to Wednesday. There are no traditional subjects, instead, the kids spend most of their time on outdoor adventures.

They climb trees…

Go on adventures…

… and more free play!

The school’s approach breaks the traditional school system.

It encourages discovery and learning through direct experience and play.

They want the students to know the importance of discovering ideas by themselves.

Simply put, the school aims to help students become “become adaptable, creative thinkers with a strong sense of identity and self-confidence.”

Cindy Adams, one of the school’s qualified teachers, explained Metro the school’s focus of collaborative learning.

“There is a saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and that is what we are trying to encourage. We are a real community, the children, parents and mentors, we are all one big family.”

“Children learn so much through play and interaction with each other, we want them to discover the best of themselves.”

There are no desks, instead they sit around in blankets during discussions or presentations.

She added that traditional schools put too much pressure to children:

“There is something wrong when research shows young children are suffering high levels of anxiety. In our schools, we do yoga, meditation and mindfulness and we encourage free play. We want our children to be happy – you can’t learn if you are anxious.”

The students are divided into two age groups: the Wolf Cubs, aged 5-7; and the Wolf Pack, aged 7-14. Termly fees cost £1,250.


Introducing Martha, The World’s Ugliest Dog

Martha and her expansive, flapping cheeks won the hearts of the crowd in the 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

The cutest and most beautiful are not always the trend, especially in this search for the world’s ugliest dog. A Neapolitan Mastiff named Martha dominated the stage in the 29th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif.

The 3-year-old, 125-pound dog was the audience favorite early on. But Martha couldn’t care less, a report from the Associated Press revealed she was often seen plopping down on stage when she was supposed to be showing off some tricks.

Martha’s winning feature was her expansive cheeks, which flaps like wings when she shakes her head.

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Man Shoots Python Multiple Times To Keep It From Swallowing His Goat

Whose side are you on?

One can’t deny how brutal nature can get. When it comes to predator coming after a prey, the action scenes can be pretty intense. People would easily pick sides because it’s hard not to. So when this video of a man shooting a python who killed his goat was uploaded online, it definitely got a lot of people talking.

Scott Dame of Florida found that a huge python was coiled around his goat and is about to swallow it whole. But with his quick thinking, he shot the serpent multiple times, eight times to be exact, using his .45 caliber pistol before it could devour the already-dead goat.

As expected, people took sides; some thought it was just right for the Florida man to shoot the animal while others blasted him for disturbing the course of nature.

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18 Awesome Traditional Wedding Outfits from Across the World

Elegant, colorful, and symbolic all at the same time.

Everyone wants to look their very best on the day they tie the knot with their spouse. Besides, the wedding is one of the most significant milestones for a couple’s relationship and so it’s important that you arrive well-dressed and fabulous for the occasion.

In many places across the world, however, a wedding attire doesn’t always mean a gown for the bride and a black suit for the groom. As you can see in this compilation by BrightSide, wedding outfits can vary in color and style, depending on an area’s culture and tradition. It’s actually really very festive, vibrant, and lovely at the same time.

Go check out the amazing Instagram wedding snapshots below:

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