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23 Emojis That Show Apple and Samsung Users Aren’t Speaking The Same Language

In the Apple versus Samsung emoji battle, whose side are you on?

Not all emojis are created equal. While Apple and Samsung both don’t fall short on offering a wide range of emojis, the way they capture certain emotions definitely differ – and sometimes, there’s a really funny disconnect.

Are you more fond of Apple’s subdued, no-nonsense emojis? Or do you prefer Samsung’s extra-expressive versions? See them side by side (Apple on the left, Samsung on the right) and decide.

1. “I’m tired.”

Source: Emojipedia

Samsung looks doubly exhausted.

2. “I’ve been good, I promise.”

Source: Emojipedia

One of them is definitely trying too hard.

3. “Yikes!”

Source: Emojipedia

Apple’s less of a grump, it seems.

4. “Ugh!”

Source: Emojipedia

We know, we know. Life can really be frustrating at times.

5. *Rolls eyes*

Source: Emojipedia

This looks more like *spacing out*.

6. *Sticks tongue out*

Source: Emojipedia

The blush makes it more playful.


Viral Video Sparks Racism Debate After Media Outlets Call US Professor’s Wife His MAID

“If you assume she is the nanny you are racist,” one Twitter user said.

Work-at-home parents will definitely relate to the situation – you’re trying to get some job done but your kids simply wouldn’t quit interrupting you. It can be funny and annoying at the same time but that’s the harsh reality of being a home-based professional.

That’s why it’s absolutely not surprising that the interview video of Professor Robert Kelly immediately went viral.

This serious BBC interview took an amusing turn when Prof. Robert Kelly’s kids began entering the room.


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Pretty Girl Lost Her Purse On Night Out. She Later Got It Back With ‘Creepiest Note Ever’

Ladies, how would you react if you received a creepy note like this?

Among young people, losing your purse or wallet during a night out really isn’t a very uncommon experience. It can really happen when you’re busy having fun with friends and/or all wasted.

In most cases, hoping to get it back is pointless and so you have to go make the needed calls to cancel your cards and request replacements instead. There are, however, some who get lucky and become exceptions to the rule.

For instance, this young woman in the story below. ...

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18 Fun Exercise Positions For Couples to Get that Full-Body Workout

What better way to achieve that summer bod than with a fun workout you can do with your partner?

Exercise is, admittedly, not as fun for some as it is for others. Going to the gym can start to feel like a chore if you'd rather stay at home and binge on your favorite show. But what if there was a fun and intimate way to exercise with your partner without requiring either of you to leave the house? Sounds good? Then prepare yourselves for these 'sexercise' positions to tone those muscles!

1. The Mermaid

For her: 100 muscles used
For him: 400 muscles used...

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