23 Emojis That Show Apple and Samsung Users Aren’t Speaking The Same Language

Not all emojis are created equal. While Apple and Samsung both don’t fall short on offering a wide range of emojis, the way they capture certain emotions definitely differ – and sometimes, there’s a really funny disconnect.

Are you more fond of Apple’s subdued, no-nonsense emojis? Or do you prefer Samsung’s extra-expressive versions? See them side by side (Apple on the left, Samsung on the right) and decide.

1. “I’m tired.”

Source: Emojipedia

Samsung looks doubly exhausted.

2. “I’ve been good, I promise.”

Source: Emojipedia

One of them is definitely trying too hard.

3. “Yikes!”

Source: Emojipedia

Apple’s less of a grump, it seems.

4. “Ugh!”

Source: Emojipedia

We know, we know. Life can really be frustrating at times.

5. *Rolls eyes*

Source: Emojipedia

This looks more like *spacing out*.

6. *Sticks tongue out*

Source: Emojipedia

The blush makes it more playful.

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