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This Unsuspecting Airline Passenger Is Given An Unexpected Surprise At The Airport!





It’s a normal, boring day at the airport, and you sigh as you queue up for check-in and have your passport and airline ticket checked, and your stuff weighed and rolled away. “It’s going to be a long flight,” you think, and your mind wanders to hot showers and comfy beds.

Suddenly, the pretty ground staff who’s sitting behind the desk in front of you begins to crawl towards you and starts to sing ‘Mamma Mia’ in Polish. If that’s not enough surprise, a flash mob appears and whisks you away for more dancing and singing.

This awesome experience was, well, experienced by the five hundred-thousandth passenger of the Lot Polish Airlines’ Boeing 747 Dreamliner as he checked-in to his flight at the Warsaw Chopin Airport in Poland. Apparently, the people who sang and danced with him are performers from the ROMA Musical Theatre. The crowd definitely looked delighted as they watched and cheered for the performers and for the lucky traveler.

Watch the video of the awesome flash mob below:

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H/T: SF Globe

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