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45 Times People Perfectly Made Fun of Protesters With Their Own Signs

I’m actually in awe of these trolls’ creativity and wit.


Protesting – most especially the peaceful ones – is a way for people to exercise freedom of speech. It’s particularly the time when they go out in the streets and let their voices be heard. As expected, protests are surrounded by individuals who have similar grievances or opinions, among many others.

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Apparently, the idea of freedom of speech applies to everybody – including those who use freedom to troll protestors. While most of you may have different views towards this compilation, there’s no doubt you’ll share a laugh.

Below are some of the most hilarious anti-protest signs you could ever see. You’re definitely going to thank us later!

#. What Would Jesus Do?

Source: Karomars
#2. He has a point, though.

#3. “I came to take your job.”

Source: LeCarpeDiem
#4. Harms your what now?

#5. So, what’s going to be? Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

Source: schwanky
#6. Ha! Got you!

#7. This is how to troll protestors the right way.

Source: PR3DA7oR
#8. “Scared” is the word of the day.

#9 You, sir Ian McKellen, deserve a trophy!

Source: shxrlocked
#10. And the Bible says it all!

Source: doug3465
#11. Just another Jesus dude doing his thing.

Source: stardust7
#12. How about that for a deal?

#13. “Relax”

#14. Because anyone can simply quote the Bible.

#15. No wonder they fell in love with each other.

#16. Pure weirdness.

#17. This is just priceless.

Source: StigmaGrey
#18. Statistics. Statistics. Statistics.

Source: Big Heritage
#19. Yup, that’s one way to describe it.

Source: SwirlStick
#20. Corduroy skirts are…

#21. Finally, someone did it.

Source: stratola
#22. Keep fighting the good fight, bro.

#23. When Vader takes a stand, he does take a stand.

#24. You go, kid.

Source: FYMT
#25. When you failed to keep up with your science class in elementary.

#26. “Sinsational”

#27. Ad of the day.

#28. Wait… what?

#29. Troll alert!

Source: 12thanDee
#30. Where the hell are you, Waldo?

#31. Yeah, you deserve some.

#32. Terrible, terrible medium.

Source: Abra
#33. “Schooled” by Yale Students.

#34. Checklist done.

Source: aaronm1981
#35. So where’s the cake now?

Source: haveitall
#36. “I am just here for the violence.”

Source: Dan Kitwood
#37. He’s gay. Confirmed.

Source: jarneth
#38. The “brownest thing.” Read that.

Source: wools
#39. Gay marijuana is love.

#40. I know, sir. You’re quite literal.

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#41. Sorry, folks.

#42. Thous shall not signs.

Source: burstein
#43. So what’s the most delicious burritos again?

#44. Just $5 for great pleasure.

Source: Reddit
#45. He’s an expert in women’s right, he says.

So what do you think about this funny compilation? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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