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25 Terrifying Halloween Cakes to Curdle Your Blood

Hair-raising sweets for the horror-inclined.

As the clock strikes closer to All Hollows Eve, specialty cake makers start coming out of the woodwork to create one-of-a-kind confections guaranteed to chill the heart’s blood of any sweet tooth.

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Here are some blood-curdling examples of edible Halloween artwork to give “life” to any party:

#1. Your heart’s desire on a plate from Lilly Vanilli, London.

1020 cake 1

#2. This bloody beautiful blonde from Blissfully Sweet Cakes, in Putney, Sydney

1020 cake 2

Photo credit: Blissfully Sweet
#3. Hogging the limelight by Tattooed Bakers, London

1020 cake 3a

Photo credit: Nathan Pask
Fresh from the butcher…er, baker. Cooked raw just the way you like it.

1020 cake 3b

Photo credit: Nathan Pask
#4. Flayed pieces of demon horse for dessert also by Tattooed Bakers in London

1020 cake 4

#5. A mime isn’t such a terrible thing to waste after all says the All Mine Patisserie in Leeds

1020 cake 5

#6. Neither are these dismembered members, also by All Mine Patisserie in Leeds

1020 cake 6a

Give us a hand, and we'll help you get one foot in the door.

1020 cake 6b

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