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16 Different Ways People Drink Coffee All Over the World


Coffee is one of the most universally-loved drinks in the world. In fact, people don’t consider their morning routine complete until they’ve had their first cup of Joe. However, this ritual changes from person to person and from culture to culture.

Here are some of the ways people like to consume their coffee all over the world.

Kaffeost (Finland)

Source: Flickr

They like to pour hot coffee over chunks of juustoleipä or cheese curds. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

Café Cubano (Cuba)

Source: Foodal

That’s espresso brewed with sugar. Just a tiny cup will give you your caffeine fix!

Spiced coffee (Morocco)

Source: SpiceLines

Moroccan coffee is a complex mix of dark coffee and spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

Café au lait (France)

Source: Appy Bistro

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous ways to drink coffee, the Cafe au Lait mixes equal parts of brewed coffee and steamed milk.

Yuanyang (Malaysia)

It’s a coffee and milk tea mix with three parts black coffee, and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea!

Flat White (Australia)

Source: Shutterstock

Aussies like their latte with microfoam poured over a shot of espresso.

Frappé (Greece)

To beat the heat, the Greeks like their coffee iced with a ton of milk foam!

Espresso Romano (Italy)

Source: Kofeebook

In Italy, they serve coffee with a slice of lemon to bring out the java’s sweetness.

Cà phê đá (Vietnam)

Source: Caphexunghe

If you like your coffee sweet and strong, you’ll love this! It’s made by brewering dark roast coffee into a cup of condensed milk and ice.

Café de Olla (Mexico)

It’s coffee simmered with a cinnamon stick and some unrefined cane sugar. Sweet and spicy!

Café Touba (Senegal)

Their coffee is flavored with Guinea pepper and cloves!

Wiener Mélange (Austria)

It’s like a cappuccino but it’s topped off with steamed milk, milk foam, or whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Irish Coffee (Ireland)

Source: Chowhound

Of course, only Irish coffee would contain hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and a dollop of thick cream!

Cafe Bombon (Spain)

Source: Hogarmania

This thick, sweet drink consists of equal parts black coffee and condensed milk.

Cafezinho (Brazil)

A Cafezinho is a small, strong cup of java that’s brewed straight with the sugar.

So which place would you like to visit based on how they like their coffee? Share your thoughts with us below!

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