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13 Doctors That Are So Hot, You Won’t Mind Being A Patient

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away — but what if the doctor is super hot?

Many people fear a trip to the doctor. They are intimidating and stern — at least that’s what everyone thinks.

The truth of the matter is that there are other doctors out there that will give a whole other meaning to the word “fever.” Here are 13 doctors and medical students that are so hot that you won’t mind being a patient. They may even make you fake your illness just to visit their clinics.

1. Dr. Mike Varshavski

When it comes to hot doctors, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski – better known as Dr. Mike – is one of the originals. He is also arguably the most popular on this list.

2. Dr. Evan Antin

3. Filippo Melloni

The med student wrote:

“When I was a child my favorite superhero was a doctor: my father. Now, I’m proud to wear the same costume.”

So this is what Khal Drogo looks like when he’s a doctor.

4. Dr. Rodrigo Sabarense

5. Yazan A. Ismail

6. Dr. Phithakphong Petanque Klahan

7. Dr. Albert Centurion

8. Jay Feldman

The med student wrote:

“Everyone hears that ‘becoming a doctor is hard,’ but no one that hasn’t done it themselves could ever really understand how challenging it is – physically, mentally, emotionally. We sacrifice our best years in hopes to serve others. But at the same time, we learn and see amazing things, help others at their most vulnerable, and become something totally new.”

9. Gabo Roman

10. Dr. Giulio Giammarioli

11. Aashir Sohail

12. Dr. Brian Fiani

13. Dr. Justin C. James

We kind of blame television for the number of hot doctors in the world. Sure, there are attractive gentlemen in every career field. However, with the rise of shows that are absolutely crammed with doctors who look like they just walked off the pages of a magazine photoshoot, it seems like more and more sexy doctors are capitalizing on that trend by creating social media accounts that immediately get tons of followers.


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