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11 People Who Suck At Their Jobs and Should Be Fired Immediately





Let’s face it. Not everyone is good at his or her job. Sometimes, we struggle to meet deadlines or to please an angry customer. During our first day on the job, we might have made a few errors here and there. We make trivial mistakes and learn from it.

However, some people take it to the next level by completely ignoring common sense. How much is a mistake forgivable? We compiled a list of epic fails done by some employees. It could either give you a face palm moment or make you laugh your ass out.

1. Whoever was the bin-filler here clearly had different ideas about success.

2. It was probably his first time seeing actual fire on the job and had to document the special moment. *face palm*

3. The person who painted this road sign could be testing the drivers’ logic and quick response. Or he was just plain careless and stupid?

4. Admit it. We all had trouble spelling this word out correctly… when we were in preschool.

5. This writer took ‘writer’s block’ to a whole new level.

6. This shirt’s designer should retake first-grade geography.

7. At least the kids are celebrating.

8. Should we fire Grant? Or the one who made this sign?

9. This sarcastic editor who’s doing a transcription job.

10. The technical writer ‘technically’ did not do his job well.

11. The driver who made you hire ten more people to clean your warehouse.

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It’s quite a wonder how these people got hired. We are also curious if they ever got to keep their jobs. But if you were their boss, would you give them a second chance?

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