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This Entrepreneur Earns £1,000 Weekly, and He is Only 11-Year-Old

Don’t be fooled by his innocent face. This young boy knows his business.

Ann Moises





Meet 11-year-old Henry Patterson, entrepreneur.

This young lad from Lidlington, Bedfordshire earns £1,000 every week by selling sweets. Don’t be fooled by his adorable, baby face for this genius knows exactly what he’s doing.

At a very young age of five, Henry began conceptualizing business ideas. However, his first business venture—selling bags of manure for £1—started when he was 7-years-old.


Photo credit: SWNS

Of course, it was just the beginning of his dreams.

The boy, who was dubbed “one to watch” at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards last year, then launched an eBay store and sold items purchased from charity shops before moving onto sweets. His online business thrived very well that he has now opened a tea shop.


Photo credit: SWNS

Recently, Henry spent his own income and used £17,000 of grant funding to produce a children’s book and promotional merchandise with the characters from his shop.

This cute and brilliant boy disclosed that more than 70 companies including Fenwick and Not on the High Street, retail his products. The annual sales of Henry’s company have now gone past £65,000.


Photo credit: SWNS

This lad also launched his own children’s YouTube channel–NBTV, and plans to write a business book next year.

When he was asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs he said, “My main advice is to start with having a stand at a car boot sale. You learn how to display, price, handle money and talk to customers. All the skills you need to know in the future.”

What kind of kid says something like that?

Well, Henry is truly wise for his age, and he knows how to handle his finances. Despite the amount of money he earns, the only thing he bought for himself was a puppy.

He’s still just a kid after all.

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