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Worst Sketch Actually Helped Police Identify The Suspect

Well, there’s quite a resemblance.


Police sketches are usually helpful in identifying suspects and have led to various arrests across the globe. A cartoonish sketch by a witness, which was mocked for its simplicity, has actually helped the police track down a suspect.

Police authorities in Pennsylvania, United States, say that they have finally identified the suspect in a theft case, based on a simple sketch provided by the witness.

The sketch, along with the physical description of the suspect, have helped narrow the search.

Source: BBC

Hung Phoc Nguyen, 44 years old, is still at large. He is accused of impersonating an employee at the Central Market in Lancaster. He took the cash at a stand when the employee went away. He reportedly fled on foot with the still unidentified amount of cash.

There’s quite a resemblance…

Aside from the sketch of the suspect, the witness has provided the authorities with Nguyen’s physical description.

“The suspect was described as a male 30-40 years of age, 5’04” tall, petite build and was possibly South American or Asian. The suspect was further described as having straight, black hair that covered his ears and that he had wide-set cheekbones and a pointed chin.”

The sketch, which was mocked online for its simplicity, has actually helped the police identify the suspect. The police department said:

“While the sketch provided by the witness may have appeared amateurish and cartoonish, it, along with the distinctive physical descriptors, jogged the memory of at least one investigator to provide a potential suspect name.”

Some officers were able to identify Nguyen based on the sketch, the physical description and the modus operandi used. He had been charged with two counts of theft by unlawful taking.

The police department is asking the public to report any sighting of the suspect. Anyone with the information of the current location of the suspect can report it immediately.


The New ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is Just Incredibly Stupid!

WTF! Why would anyone do this?!

We’ve recently heard about the absurd Tide Pod Challenge and when you thought nothing can get crazier than that, we get a new “challenge” that also greatly harms the body. What is it called, you ask? Well, yes, as you saw on the headline, it’s called the “Hot Coil Challenge”.

Basically, the challenge dares its participants to put a body part in a hot, smoking coil and hold it for as long as he or she can – which, of course, leads to a serious burn on the skin.

Seriously, who the heck are coming up with these kinds of social media challenges?

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40 Funny People Who Wore the Right Shirts at the Right Time

#10 is something that you will not see coming.

Anyone can look and feel good depending on the clothes worn. However, when it comes to dressing down for the occasion, it is a difficult task to conquer. This is most especially with the thousands of fashion trends and styles the earth has nowadays. Apparently, there are people who, for some reasons, see an outfit as an art itself.

Whether or not they meant to wear a certain outfit, they certainly took the entire “dressed for the occasion” thing to a whole new level. This is where clothes become a funny thing at the right time. Scroll down below and see for yourself!

#1. Alternately the same.

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Photographer Shares Photos of Woman Who Unexpectedly Gave Birth In ER Floor

“Travis, catch him!” the woman told her husband. (WARNING: Graphic images ahead)

Jes Hogan, a mother of 6, recently shared her interesting story of how she unexpectedly gave birth to her new baby in the floor of an emergency room hallway. Everything was captured on camera and the pictures eventually went viral.

Apparently, Photographer Tammy Karim of Little Leapling Photography was present during the unusual delivery and took a lot of pictures during the process. According to the Kansas mom, Little Max took his time since she experienced several days of contractions before the actual delivery.

Suddenly, Jes felt the baby was already coming out one day. When she felt it, Jes told her husband Travis:

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