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Watch Two Jetpack-Wearing Daredevils Fly Past a Jumbo Jet


Flying on a jetpack all over the beautiful Dubai is already awesome on its own. But flying on a jetpack over Dubai for a flying stunt alongside an enormous A380, that is legendary.

For some of us, flying is only possible with the aid of air transportation such as planes and choppers. But for Yves Rossi and Vince Reffet, flying using only their jetpacks is very possible. And not only were these two gentlemen able to fly as free as a bird; they get to perform an aerial stunt alongside the biggest airplane in the world, the enormous passenger airplane A380 from Fly Emirates Airline.

The stunt was a part of the airline’s campaign in collaboration with the Jetman (an organization of Jetpack flyers and stuntsmen) with the theme, “unguarded ambition and the vision to push boundaries beyond the unthinkable”. And true enough, detailed planning and envisioning the ambitious project took three months. The plane pilot together with the Jetman participants needed to perfectly choreograph their movements down to the very last millimeter of execution, as one single mistake can be costly to the the Jetman pilots. The team even had to secure a limited airspace and do the stunt at 6:30 am where air traffic is at a minimum.

In the end it was all worth it with the resulting choreographed stunt below.

The Jetmen had to maintain a speed of 180 knots or around 120mph to perform the stunt and keep up with the momentum of the plane. Such speed requires a great level of physical fitness for both men. One of the Jetman, Yves Rossi remarked that he feels as if they were just mere mosquitoes flying beside an eagle or a condor. Meanwhile the Operations Manager of Emirates Airlines said it was beyond anything they commonly prepare for.

Watch the making of the stunt here.

This makes owning a jetpack a really cool idea and have that “Back to the Future” feels!

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