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Incredible Cat Knows How to Use the Toilet, Even Wipes it After Using





Most of us have experienced taking good care of pets inside our home, so many people can relate to the importance of training them.

We teach our pets for the convenience and ease of ownership; we discipline them for protection, security, cleanliness, obedience, and for many more significant reasons.

Training can be tough as there are some commands and lessons that are hard for them to learn at first- patience and consistency are the definite keys to success.

Obedience training opens up a line of communication between you and your pets. An untrained animal can destroy some of your belongings, mess surroundings, soil things, bite humans, and wrestle with other pets. Teaching them can be challenging but at the same time fun and very rewarding as it is worth it!

A video has been captured by the owner of a smart cat in his home in Solana Beach, California. Don Nuzzo walked into his bedroom and surprisingly found his pet inside the bathroom. The cat is caught using the toilet while peeing and wiping the toilet seat using his paw. What’s more surprising here is that, the cat wasn’t trained to do such thing according to Don Nuzzo.

Watch Video Here:

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It can be seen in the video clip that the bottom half of the cat’s body lays over the basin while his paws hold on to the toilet seat. Basically, the cat looks like he is sitting or squatting (almost like how humans use it) while peeing on the toilet.

Don Nuzzo then asked his pet to wipe the toilet subsequent to use. Neufie, the cat, enthusiastically obeyed the owner by wiping the toilet seat. His owner was very happy to see him obey and expressed approval by praising Neufie.

The cat manages to balance his body on the toilet seat.

A cat manages to balance his body on the toilet seat.

Source: youtube

Although Neufie still doesn’t know how to use the flush yet, it’s amazing that he can properly use the toilet. Cats usually do their thing in litter boxes, so it’s such a great achievement for the owner to be able to train his pet this way.

Perhaps their next lesson will be the proper use of the flush and toilet paper. Let’s wait for their next video clip!

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