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Warner Bros. Eyeing Michael B. Jordan To Replace Henry Cavill As Superman





Michael B. Jordan played the villain in Black Panther, but he may be the next black superhero. After actor Henry Cavill walked away from DC Comics, Warner Bros. is on the prowl for another Superman, and it may be Jordan.

After news broke that Cavill is quitting Superman, a report revealed that the entertainment company is considering some actors to replace him. Unfortunately, that film won’t start production anytime soon because the focus has shifted to Supergirl since Cavill’s departure.

Henry Cavill is reportedly done with the role of Superman.

Source: Instagram

A Warner Bros. spokesperson said:

“We have a great relationship and great respect for Henry Cavill that continues to remain unchanged. Additionally, we have made no current decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films.”

Cavill’s departure was reportedly a result of a failed talk between Warner Bros. and his agency after having a cameo in Shazam.

Jordan is reportedly among a shortlist of performers being considered to replace Henry Cavill.

Source: Instagram

Michael B. Jordan’s breakout role was in the biographical tragedy film “Fruitvale Station,” where he portrayed Oscar Grant III, a young African-American man who was shot by police on New Year’s Day 2009. The actor was also praised for his acting in “Creed” and “Creed II” as Adonis Creed.

Jordan then played Johnny Storm/Human Torch, previously portrayed by Chris Evans, in the 2015 reboot of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four.” But then he got his first taste of the villain life as Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther,” where he was catapulted to superstardom.

Despite his incredible success as a villain, it is worth noting that Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor. His talent would definitely give justice to any role that he is given – be it a hero or a villain.

Here’s what Jordan would look like as Superman.

Do you think Michael B. Jordan is the best choice to replace Henry Cavill as Superman? Let us know in the comments section below.

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