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40 Wanderlust Tattoo Designs For Anyone Obsessed With Travel

This is absolutely perfect for all travel enthusiasts out there!


Whenever we travel, we always try to collect stuff that will remind us of the journey. It could be a fridge magnet, a stamp, a memorabilia, or even a shirt. Of course, this goes without saying that there are a bunch of photos included.

However, there are travelers who want to honor their wanderlust in a very different way. The kind of memorabilia that will last for years – tattoos. That is right. Some people tattoo their journeys on their bodies, with the same purpose of immortalizing their travel adventures.

With that said, we present to you some of the best travel tattoos to give you an idea or two. That is if you are looking for an alternative to remembering your wanderlust. In any case, you will definitely love this compilation. Check them out below!



Source: evakrbdk

Source: pt78tattoo

Source: strangeris

Source: evakrbdk

Source: hayleyartist

Source: equilattera





Source: Jamie Luna




Source: pranayoo



Source: equilattera


Source: evakrbdk

Source: equilattera

Source: natinemoto


Source: stardusthang




Source: pa.tina



Source: tattoo_grain

Source: nelemalt


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Source: leofernanti


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Source: nine_lii

So, what do you think about this tattoo compilation? We are pretty sure this will excite every travel geek out there. Or perhaps, it will give them an idea where to travel next.

If you plan to get a tattoo done – regardless of the design – there is one important thing to remember: Do not go cheap. Keep in mind that your tattoo will be there with your forever. You have to make it count.

It is safe to say you have your favorite on the list, so be sure to let us know which one. Just write it in the comments below!


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