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Loving Mother Took Photos of Her ‘Handicapped’ Daughter To Create a Whimsical Fairy Tale.





Holly Spring is a talented photographer from New Zealand who is famous for her whimsical artworks. Her four-year-old daughter, Violet, is the subject of most of her ethereal works.

Violet was born without her left hand and was diagnosed to have Hirschsprung’s disease. Hirschsprung’s disease is a congenital condition that is caused by poor muscle movement in the intestines, and results in the blockage of a part of the bowel. When she was two and a half years old, Violet had to undergo a surgery that almost cost her life.

That was the moment I thought we were going to lose her,” states Holly. “From that point on I was like ‘I have to get these memories of her, I have to capture everything I can of her’.”

Holly wanted to show Violet that she can be who she wants to be, hence the fairy-tale like photos of her daughter. Through these pictures, Holly was able to highlight Violet’s beauty and charm.

She’s a very bright and fun-filled little girl,” says Holly. “She’s got so much character and wonder about her and she’s extremely brave. She’s been through a lot but she really has inspired me to be a photographer.”

Check out Violet’s fairy tale and ethereal photos:

Welcome to my Wonderland.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
Where friends are always welcome.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
Here, we play all day.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
And masquerade parties erupt at dusk.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
Even the water and sky will come together to capture the warmth of the sun.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
In this land, fairies do exist.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
And little girls can dance on clouds.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
Even the trees will join in our dance.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
And sometimes, really big friends will come and play.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
Our Wonderland is indeed a special place.


Photo credit: Holly Spring
When you must leave, remember: our land is a secret land. Be sure to keep our secret.


Photo credit: Holly Spring

Holly won the ‘2014 New Zealand Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year’ and the ‘2014 NZIPP Auckland Photographer of the Year.’

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(Photographer’s note: The image of the Giraffe showing Violet with the wrong limb difference is intentional for creative purposes and continuity of light and narrative.)

Credits: Holly Spring

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