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28 Vin Diesel Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About

Who knew Vin Diesel was this cool?

8. He is a Dungeons and Dragons nerd.

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing, magic card game that has been popular since the 1970s, and Diesel has been a fan of the game for a long time. He actually based his character from the movie “The Last Witch Hunter” on his favorite D&D character, Melkor.

9. His role for Tokyo Drift was paid for with film rights.

As payment for his cameo role in the movie Tokyo Drift, he got the sole right to play his role in the movie “The Chronicles of Riddick.” Richard B. Riddick, Diesel’s character in the movie, is actually one of his favorites.

10. He self-funded the movie “Riddick.”

After Universal announced that they were done with the Riddick series, Diesel, who believed that he could bring the brand back to life, decided to do a sequel. He bet almost all his fortune on the movie “Riddick”, which he conceptualized with director and screenwriter David Twohy. In fact, he used his house as a collateral. They worked with a relatively small budget of $38 million, and surprisingly, Universal ended up distributing the film. Fortunately, his venture was a success, hitting nearly the $100 million mark in ticket sales, and with a next installment in the works.

11. He has one of the largest followings on social media.

Diesel is one of the most-followed actors on Facebook, with more than 100,000,000 followers in his tail. His page is actually the sixth most liked page on Facebook, just a few milliions behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Shakira.

12. He has no tattoos.

Although we have seen him inked on the big screen, his skin, in reality, remains tattoo-less. He doesn’t seem to dislike tattoos, though. Maybe he likes the feeling of changing tats without much pain and hassle.

13. He has amassed an empire.

Aside from being a famous actor, he now owns a film production company called One Race Films, a record label called Racetrack Records, and a video game development company called Tigon Studios. What is interesting is that all these are his passion projects and not merely money makers. Tigon Studios is actually well-known for creating games that revolve within the world of Riddick, a project close to Diesel’s heart.

14. He used to be a rapper and breakdancer.

Source: listal

Prior to his debut as a professional actor, he tried being a rapper and a breakdancer. Though his rhymes and moves weren’t to die for, we still give him credit for the awesome effort. Some of his rap lyrics include ““Ha ha! Ho ho! Party people! It’s time to get stupid!”


‘Chicken Attack’ by Japanese Chick Yodeler is So Far the Most Catchy Song This Year

“Chicken Attack” is an infectious tune featuring Japanese yodeler Takeo Ischi and it’s awesome!

The Chinese calendar has designated 2017 as the Year of the Fire Rooster. So, perhaps, the song, "Chicken Attack," is the best soundtrack for it. The track involves yodeling done by a Japanese man named Takeo Ischi! Now, that alone is pretty unusual.

Yodeling is a form of singing that involves repeated quick changes of pitch between the low-pitch chest register and the high-pitch head register. The practice is associated with the people living in the Central Alps — which is a vast mountain range in Central Europe. It covers parts of Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Germany, and minimal areas of Hungary. Yodeling was actually used by shepherds and goatherds to call out to their animals. In time, yodeling was appreciated as an art form.

It's hard to believe Takeo Ischi is a yodeler.

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This Filipino Man is Better at Walking in Heels Than Anyone Else on the Planet

Model and comedian Sinon Loresca decided to do a video to pay homage to the Miss Universe beauty pageant — and the world went nuts!

The latest installment of the Miss Universe beauty pageant was held in Manila, Philippines. The past year's winner Pia Wurtzbach — who is from the Philippines — passed the crown to Iris Mittenaere of France.

Many Filipinos are known to be beauty pageant fanatics. As such, they were somewhat disappointed that the country's bet this year, Maxine Medina, didn't win the crown. A back-to-back Miss Universe win for the country would have sent the pageant aficionados into a frenzy.

In a bid to boost the spirits of his fellow Filipinos, Sinon Loresca decided to pay homage to Medina with a little "show" of his own. Loresca — who is as a model, comedian, and "self-proclaimed social media entertainer" — decided to do a Miss Universe walk of his own.

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Tom Hanks Reveals The Secret Behind His “Untouchable” 30-Year Marriage to Rita Wilson

The secret of their long-standing union is simpler than you think.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks is one of the most bankable and famous A-list actors in Hollywood today. He is well known for some of the most critically-acclaimed films like “Catch Me If You Can,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Philadelphia.”

He also starred in some of the most popular movies of the 20th century, like “Forrest Gump,” “Castaway,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “The Da Vinci Code.”

Long-lasting leading man.

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