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This Traveler Is Set To Become The First Female To Visit Every Country Across The World

With 181 countries down, Cassandra De Pecol only has 15 countries left on the list before she makes it to the Guinness World Records.


Cassandra De Pecol isn’t your ordinary traveler.

In fact, this 27-year-old woman from Connecticut is set to become the first documented female to have visited all 196 countries across the planet. Pretty amazing, huh?

Well what’s even more impressive about this is that Cassandra will hold the title of being the youngest American and fastest traveler to have accomplished the feat.

Since July 2015, Cassandra has already visited 181 countries. She has 15 more countries to visit in the next 40 days before she can break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to travel to all Sovereign States plus an additional 11 countries.

Her journey is called Expedition196 and she is traveling as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

27-year-old Cassandra De Pecol of Connecticut is set to be the first woman to visit all countries in the world.


Source: Instagram
She started her travels in July 2015. Palau was the first country she visited.


Source: Instagram
So far, she has already visited 181 countries.


Source: Instagram
She travels the world as an Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.


Source: Instagram
Her inspiring journey is called Expedition196.


Source: Instagram
To break the current world record, she has to travel 15 more countries in the next 40 days.


Source: Instagram
If Cassandra makes hits her goal, she’ll be the fastest person to travel to all Sovereign States.


Source: Instagram
Sponsors are helping cover for the expenses. So far, it has cost about $200,000.


Source: Instagram
Cassandra also gets free accommodation by using her Instagram for advertising purposes.


Source: Instagram
Of course, she never goes anywhere without her ‘tools’ for the job.


Source: Instagram

Sure, it can be hard, if not impossible, for most of us to travel the world over like Cassandra does. But at least we can all follow her adventures via Instagram or Facebook.

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